Name Business Interest
Piovacari Alejandro [ Commercial Director ] Relationship for the search for Alliance Partners for support and business with main companies related to: Data Security, Servers, Tele-Surveillance, Technical Support
Patricio Fierro SepĂșlveda [ Founder & Director ] Education Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Investments
Victor Patricio Herrera Meza [ ] Automation Process
Joseph Depp [ ] Cyber Security
Pablo Andres Salgado Jara [ ] Software Products,Industry Application Software, Cyber Security
Nicole Louly Argy Telias [ Business Developer ] Software Development
Mr. Ivan Cristobal Figari Bravo [ Commercial Director ] M2M & Web & Mobile Development App Development
Mr. Hans Cristobal Andres Espinoza Espinoza [ CEO Founder ] Software Products, Industry Application Software, Cyber Security, M2M/Web& Mobile, Robotic Process Automation
Piovacari Mariano Juan Ariel [ CEO Founder ] Software Products, Software Solutions, Cyber Security
Victor Emilio Valenzuela Mulla [ General Manager ] Software Solutions, SaaS Solutions
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