Name Business Interest
Sarita López [ Consultor ] Cyber Security
John D Lozano Bernal [ Marketing Manager ] Internet of Things / Embedded Software / Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security, M2M, / Web Mobile APP Development , Robotic Process Automation, Animaton Films / Gaming
Dario Mendez [ ] Software Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, Fintech
Jose Perez [ VP of Operations ] Customised software, software products, cyber security
Elix Ramos [ CMO ] Customised software, software products, cyber security
Alejandro Perez [ CEO ] Software products, software solutions, industry application software, cyber security, m2m / web mobile app development
Mauricio Pinzón [ ] Software Development
Diego Escobar Garcia [ ] Software Development
Fabian Urrego [ Coordinator ] Customised Software, software products, software solutions, industryapplicationsoftware, internet of things / embedded software/AI, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, M2M/ Web Mobile Appl Development, Robotic Process Automation, Animation/Film/Gaming, Fintech
Ivan Restrepo [ General Manager ] Industry Application Software, Internet of Things / Embedded software/ artificial intelligence, m2m / web mobile app development
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