Ruchi Singh

[email protected]

Rooh Technology

Address: M-6 Royal Platinum PU 4 Scheme 54

City: Indore

State: Madhya Pradesh

Pin: N/A

Company Phone
91 9644293415
Company Mobile
91 9617093479
Major Export Markets
United States
Turnover ($mln.)
Product Range & Area of Specialisation
Product 1. Smart face lock (Facial recognition Biometric Device)Product 2. Smart Hotel Facial recognition check in solution)Product 3. Smart Hotel management (Cloud based solution)Product 4. Smart restaurant menu solution (Cloud based ,digitized menu,order online,payment online)SERVICES on Technologies:—,Web designing,Webdevelopment, Cloud ,Java,Android,Mobile AppsSmart Facelock Lock with facial analytics and face recognition,Big data Analysis,Data mining,Data managementDATABASES: MYSQL, SQLLITE, Oracle, Mongo db,SERVERS: AWS,
Major International Clients / Projects

Teralux, Zenwaves,GLJousse,Bluetrace,Impute,

Quality Certification
New IT Products to be launched at Indiashow 2020?
Product Name
Smart Facebook
Exhibit section
M2M / Web & Mobile Application Development
Company Profile

RoohTechnology is an innovative startup with collaborations with Intel and Dell . Company is moving towards innovative solution to the global game changer technologies like smart face lock, serving clients around the world with sustainable technology solutions.

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