Rakesh Krishnan R

[email protected]


Address: 1st Floor, Administrative Block, Kinfra Integrated Industrial Park, Palakkad, Kerala,

City: Kerala

State: N/A

Pin: 679301

Company Phone
91 9496351674
Company Mobile
91 9496351674
Major Export Markets
United States
Turnover ($mln.)
Product Range & Area of Specialisation
Custom Software Development, IT Services & Solutions
Major International Clients / Projects

Motagistics, ReportOX, NEL, Hephzibah, AirBolt

Quality Certification
New IT Products to be launched at Indiashow 2020?
Product Name
Cloud Call Center Software, Restaurant Automation Software, Virtual Tradeshow Software: , Warehouse Management Software (WMS):
Cloud Call Center Software: Designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Integrate with or replace your existing contact centre technology. Restaurant Automation Software: Restaurant Automation Software helps to manage restaurant billing, inventory tracking, recipe management, kitchen order taking, free accounting, table layout, call order management & more, in the form of complete business automation solutions paired with mobile apps and cloud solutions, our technological footprint has grown to benefit of 1000+ restaurant businesses across 20+ countries. Virtual Tradeshow Software: Leverage an amazing virtual space for your biggest trade show yet, with customizable exhibitor booths, on-demand content, chat, calls, video calls, SMS, WhatsApp and convenient online order system. Warehouse Management Software (WMS): WMS solution is an ideal cloud-based and integrated warehouse management system software for storage facilities, transportation firms and logistics organizations that deal in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing.
Exhibit section
M2M / Web & Mobile Application Development
Company Profile

Skyniche is an Indian multinational corporation that provides IT services, including digital, internet business solutions, consulting, and e-commerce solutions. It is headquartered in Kerala, India with branches in Erie, MI and Qatar. With more than 10 years of experience in helping start-ups, businesses, organizations and their visions, we can help you in achieving your goals by improving your brand with an effective web presence. At the core of our approach, we thoroughly understand our client’s business and communication objectives. In this process, we make sure that our clients are getting viable products at the end of the day. Whether you are a startup, real estate business, non-profit organisations, our clients have trust in us to provide them efficient online business solutions and services for their businesses

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