Atreyi Basu

[email protected]

Address: 1114 Rabindra Nagar (East), Lashkarpur, PS Sonarpur,

City: Kolkata

State: West Bengl

Pin: 700153

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91 9674946211
Major Export Markets
American Samoa
Turnover ($mln.)
Product Range & Area of Specialisation
Sustainable, Eco-friendly and artisanal products marketplace for B2B and B2C
Major International Clients / Projects

Terzi Designs, The Direct Qatar, Daily Monti and B2C customers.

Quality Certification
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Company Profile is a multi-award-winning online platform for curated premium eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, and artisanal products. Our mission is to create value in the society by generating awareness on sustainable living practices and promoting Indian products in the international market by empowering local artisans and micro brands through our platform. • The core of establishment of is to cultivate a greener environment for every inhabitant of our Mother Earth through eco-friendly products and sustainable habits. From non-violent silk to bamboo-based personal care items, organic cotton interlock rompers to wood-based toys and sustainable designer wear and accessories. All the products displayed in our website have the similar aim - to provide you with an opportunity to be an Eco warrior. is the online e-commerce platform of Verdura Care Private Limited. We are an Indian company with a global operation. • We believe in not only protecting our beautiful planet but also empowering our community, local and small businesses. Almost 90% of the products by MyVerduraCare are the crafts of women’s ideas. We want to support women in achieving their goals and to encourage them to involve themselves in entrepreneurship. Every now and then, we collaborate with different womenpreneurs, local micro brands from India and around the world to share our expertise and journey in entrepreneurship. • Apart from providing values to our customers and community, we also strive to contribute to the environment, the society, and the economy. Therefore, MyVerduraCare is recognized by the MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India Greentech Asia for our consistent efforts in shaping a greener environment for our world. Our relentless efforts earn us the title of “Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2020” and “Green India Clean Indian Initiative of the Year”. That is not all. After being founded for a year, MyVerduraCare immediately gained trust from our customers and stakeholders and earned ourselves “Winner of Top Start-Up Companies” and “Winner of MADcon Top 100 Companies Globally” for quality excellence in 2019. Reach out to us for your requirements of sustainable and environment friendly products.

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