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World1 Solutions

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91 0124-4846974
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Major Export Markets
Middle East
Sri Lanka
United States
Turnover ($mln.)
Product Range & Area of Specialisation
ERP, IT & ERP Consulting, Mobile POS, AI, LMS (Learning Management System), Automation, IOT, SMS (School Management System), SIS (School Information System), 3D, AR & VR Interactive, Simulated Education Learning Content
Major International Clients / Projects

The WORLD1 team has successfully delivered many large SAP projects across industry sectors which includes but is not limited to Automotive, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering & Construction, Media, Chemicals, HVAC industry, ERP, E-Commerce, CRM and Marketing for B2B and B2C. 

Quality Certification
Exhibit section
Artificial Intelligence / IOT / Blockchain
Company Profile

WORLD1 Solutions is a leading professional services and international trade firm focused on promoting/boosting international trade and business cooperation between India and the rest of the world i.e., Japan, CIS Countries, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific & North America. The portfolio of services provided by WORLD1 Solutions include but are not limited to IT Consulting, ERP Consulting & Implementation, Virtual CIO, Project Management Consultancy, Strategic Alliances & Business Collaborations, Education Consultancy, IT Training and Skill Development, Business Representation, Government Liaison and other allied IT, ITES and other allied Back-office and Business Facilitation services.

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