Subhamoy Sarkar

[email protected]

Zoetrope Animation Studios LLP

Address: Door No. 312, Webel IT Park, Newtown, Action Area 1, Kolkata

City: N/A

State: N/A

Pin: N/A

Booth No.
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91 9775518000
Major Export Markets
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
United Kingdom
United States
Turnover ($mln.)
Product Range & Area of Specialisation
3D Animation
Major International Clients / Projects

Arctic Dogs / Sherazade / Fruit Ninja / Kim & Jim / Nivis / Hibe2 / Worry Eaters

Quality Certification
New IT Products to be launched at Indiashow 2020?
Product Name
MOKSHA : 3D Animation Series / 22 x 26 Episodes / Action - Adventure - Kids - Thriller
MOKSHA : 3D Animation Series / 22 x 26 Episodes / Action - Adventure - Kids - Thriller A series, that portrays the existence of positive and negative energy through a variety of adventurous journeys and conflicts between Good vs. Evil. DETECTIVE DENO : 3D Animation Series / 22 x 26 Episodes / Action - Crime - Kids - Mystery - Si-fi Rise of an intellect kid, being equipped with unmatched Si-fi gadgets and deep into the curiosity of his father’s disappearance, that lead him to the path of a super detective, saving the Deckford city from the claws of the most wanted criminal of the city
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Company Profile

A 3D animation house, where a bunch of veteran creative masters have gathered to unchain their utmost creative potential in order to cater the global clientele with trend setting animations. The company is poised to make the world experience, a wide range of breath taking contents that would educate kids, taking them into adventurous journeys through various world cultures and emotions.

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