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SME A Analytics Pvt Ltd

Address: Flat No.2C Chandra Residency, Mahatma Nagar,Near AshokGardens, New Bowenpally, Secunderabad, TS - 500011, India

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Software analysis for Balance sheet for MSME sector.
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SMEA ANALYTICS is software tool which analysis the balance sheet and give graphs & recommendations.
SMEA ANALYTICS is software tool which analysis the balance sheet and give graphs & recommendations.
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To create a tool that helps SME Entrepreneurs to analyze deep into their own financial statements and take better decisions. Bottlenecks faced: 1. Lack of awareness about importance: Majority of SME Entrepreneurs prepare their financial statements mechanically, but do not give much attention into the importance of analyzing the statements 2. Lack of awareness about methods used: Even if some Entrepreneurs are aware of importance of analysing the financial statements, might not be able to know the available methods used, and their interpretations for their unit 3. Negligence and Over confidence: The Entrepreneurs who are aware of the importance and methods also find it hard to allocate time to calculate all the ratios and go with their intuition. How SME Analytics works: 1. The Entrepreneurs enter their financial statements at their convenient place and convenient time in our website 2. Our backend calculates the ratios automatically and presents them in a graphical manner, which make the information easily understandable 3. Form these ratios and graphs, recommendations are made to reduce their inefficiencies; if any. 4. A detailed report is sent to the registered mail id How SME Analytics solves the bottlenecks mentioned above: 1. Lack of Awareness about importance: Our marketing team makes efforts in creating awareness among Entrepreneurs via various online campaigns and seminars 2. Lack of awareness about methods used: a. The Entrepreneurs need not be known about methods used to analyze the statements. b. The ratios are calculated and graphs and recommendations are generated automatically, making the tool free c. We also provide an instructors manual so that the user does not face any difficulty 3. Negligence: The efforts to be taken by Entrepreneur are minimal; She/he has to just upload the necessary statements and get the in the registered mail Documents required: Balance sheet and Profit and loss sheet Limitations: The recommendations provided are subject to the quality of input financial statements quality.

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