Healthcare management solutions, Telemedicine plataform, Remote patient monitoring solutions, Teleradiology solutions, Telediagnosis solutions, AI imaging solutions

Milagros Montalvo Franquiz

Software Development Services, Industrial Automation Services, Design, Installation and Management of communications networks, and Metrological Services.

Daniel Alejandro Buzón González

PLCs, Speed Drives (VFD), HMI, Energy meters, Smart sensors and actuators, COM gateways, Room controllers and thermostats./ Process Control, SCADA, BMS, OPEN Protocols(wire & wireless) and programming standards. Energy metering apps. Design, installation and programming of Energy Saving Solutions

Ivan Quesada Hernandez

New Programming languages, Hybrid Cloud, No Code, Edge Computing, Security IoT, Systems Optimization, Trends and Results, SDK and Open Source Solutins, IoT