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New Launches Of IT Product AT indiasoft 2019

Sr. No. Company Name Product Name
1 CSM TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. Sociomatic - A Social Media Feed Analytics Tool
2 ERSLABS PVT. LTD. Enterprise App Maker from ERS Labs is a cloud development PAAS that will allow you to rapidly develop, test and host web applications, all in the cloud, with easy to use drag and click IDE. EAM features drag and drop UI, Visual worflows, live preview, inbuilt RBAC, Rules Engine, Process Engine, Decision Tables, API Integrator, Database support, spreadsheet like Grids, Tree views, Reports, Messaging, Scheduler and a host of other features for custom developing ERPs by enterprises or business users from scratch to live. The goal of the platform is to make available to IT companies, Product/Solution Companies, Enterprises and Free Lance Business Analysts/Subject matter Experts all the tools and components required to develop, test and host enterprise grade applications in the cloud.
3 BIZVIZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD Yujaa, A public cloud platform for Analytics – will be upgraded further to deeper insights to the Business Users
4 ELCOM INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. Smart PDUs and Solutions for Data-centers
5 ROOH TECHNOLOGY Smart Facelock
6 Nextgen Multitouch Private Limited

MeetingWall Meeting with scientific approach
Meeting Wall is a complete meeting management solution for modern day meetings.

  • Integrated audio and video conferencing
  • Interactive white boarding
  • Set up a Meeting Anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Purpose based meeting templates & tool kits
  • Engage with Handwriting recognition, voice commands & Multi touch Gestures
  • Experience seamless multi device interaction, screen casting & Multi screen support
  • Maintain repository for every meeting
  • Connect your past and future meetings
  • Analyse from meeting metrics and usage patterns
  • Integration with outlook, google and other calendars
7 Threshold Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

ZeroCode is a Rapid Application Development platform that helps to build quicker enterprise grade apps without coding. Build any type of business application 8-10x faster and better than the traditional method. Experience the power of ZeroCode and create business applications based on your own data model, data management, business processes, logic & User experience. The application is automatically suitable for use on any computer, tablet and smartphone. With Zero-Code, you can build and deploy apps faster than you thought possible. From design to deployment, Zero-Code development environment dramatically reduce the amount of time required to build, deploy, and change enterprise apps. The ZeroCode enhances, rather than replaces, your existing core IT systems. You can integrate your entire enterprise to gain new insights and build differentiating applications that leverage your strengths. Zero code is not moving to any new technology, rather it’s a strategy that drives digital transformation.

EASE Minimal coding, as in user-friendly, visual, drag-and-drop functionality

SPEEDHyper-responsiveness, the ability to go from idea to app immediately

POWEREnterprise-grade, secure, scalable functionality

8 KONJOIN TECHNOLOGIES Talento 360- A competency Management system, Your Rank- Business intelligence for Retail and Publishing. CRM designed for 17 different Industry

A unique communication framework based on WebRTC that offers –

  • Chat
  • Web and Mobile
  • API for Web
  • SDK for Mobile
  • File Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • User Management
  • Recording
  • Notifications
  • Responsive UI Web and Mobile
  • Built-in intelligence for optimal video quality
  • SIP Integration

Key benefits of capV

  • Operating System agnostic
  • Offered as Communication Paas
  • Real-time cost effective and time saving
  • Native integration and customization
  • Video calling from any location any time
  • On demand video recording
  • Multi-part recording
  • BizNext - A very powerful and robust ERP System built on World’s most popular open source.
  • User Interface developed in latest and flexible J-Query controls to give best of user interface experience. Have specialized and dedicated team to migrate to new technologies.
  • Developed by people having more than 15 years of development experience of working on latest technologies and supported by people having long experience on ERP products.
  • Ready to be deployed on In-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure. Also can work offline for some of transactions.
  • Most of features are web based, so it’s easy to operate from anywhere. Required features can be brought on Mobile platform like Android and iOS.
  • Ready to be integrated with any third party application.
13 BITRANET PVT LTD Cloud based SAS model Applications.
14 PROCESS MASTER SALESTRIP: The Salestrip SFA is a comprehensive sales force automation software (Field Staff Reporting & Tracking Software) specially designed to automate every sales related activities of Pharma and FMCG businesses. Salestrip SFA empowers the top management and field force to take well-informed decisions and vis-à-vis organization’s sales strategy, thus, maximizing the sales and profit margins to the greatest possible extent
15 We Secure App

We have developed a tailor made DAST (Dynamic Application Security Test) scanner which is developer and QA friendly. It can be smoothly integrated in the development & QA environment with integrations like Jenkins, Selenium, Slack, Jira etc... 

This enhances the Dev's & QA to perform Vulnerability Assessment - Black Box & Grey Box testing without deviating from their routine. 

3 Modules in the scanner will make sure the test coverage is maximum and continuous monitoring is also done.

Moreover, our scanner can be tailor-made to your specific applications. We come up with custom test cases which help in finding business logic vulnerabilities.

16 LEMON TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Check-IT Audit Tool, Jewellery e-tailing Solution , Tendering and Auction Solution

FlowzWorkflow Management Tool: Its automation base workflow application, where using simple BPMN diagrams. Application will automatically execute diagram and Atomized entire workflow as described in diagram.

Flowz Dynamic WebsiteBuilder: This is new era website builder, which allow you to easily migrate data from your existing application, create your own website/ecommerce webstore with easy drag and drop functionality and little bit of training, manage multiple web site/stores in single admin, Create multiple web store with different rules/product.
Its come with pre-build module such as Zero/Quickbook for accounting, Basic CRM, Virtual tool for your product

18 ORETES CONSULTING PVT LTD VOICE is a Mobile & Web based Application, which support communication in all areas of life through Text and Picture and help individuals to express their thought, actions, feelings and things they need.
19 SHINETECH LABS PVT LTD. (Cross Selling Platform for Travel Agents )
Eduction Portal (Major Module is Online Examination, Assignments, Institution and tutor area, E- learning etc..)
20 ADEC EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY & SOLUTIONS PVT LTD We are at present developing GAS SENSING INSTRUMENT in application to environment study.
22 BECKNF TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. is a single page interface that simplifies enterprise collaboration across workflows, teams, departments, projects and tasks.
23 BONASYS IT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. GPS Tracker app- An app which can locate the exact location of your employees/buddies/parents/kids. Online event management system with the help of QR code
24 QISON SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED QSP– A cloud hosted multi-tenant white labelled social media platform for building secure/open virtual communities to enable and promote employee portals, market research, brand promotion, behavioural analytics, crowd sourcing and social commerce.
25 NIPPON DATA SYSTEMS LTD. SIMPPLIFY– a complete supplier network management solution. The solution cover entire transactions with Suppliers from Budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies and provide Auction and Reverse Auction functionality as well.  The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense it provides integration with your back-end ERP and other

software applications where required to make the interaction with Supplier completely seamless.  However, all transactions like Requisitions, Purchase order, PO acceptance, Supplies, Supplier invoicing, etc. can also be managed entirely or selectively on SIMPPLIFY platform also and selectively integrated with back-end system as required by Buyer.   We are sure that Nippon Data will be able to contribute significantly to your efforts on systems and process improvement front.
26 COVALIENCE Oracle / RightNow Technologies – multiple software development teams working in the Upgrade Team – reverse engineer, upgrade/integrate, re-implement, and re-deploy live, market-facing customer deployments of the RightNow platform.

Panduit -comprehensive assessment of Techinical Support function and technology tools. Consolidation of data streams, optimization of CRM platform to accommodate technical support processes.

Aleyant- development and agile project management on their flagship products for the print industry. System integrations between Aleyant’s products and systems and third-party products for Aleyant’s customers.

Alliance Franchise Brands– completely redesigned and rebuilt their complex, core business application used for calculating and managing franchise royalties and billing. Integrated the system with two member portals built on Microsoft Dynamics and with Microsoft Great Plains.

Continental Tires– built numerous applications to gather, analyse, and manage data from the factory floor. Also, wrote several applications for interfacing with production machines and robots and operator handheld devices for managing the manufacturing process.
27 RAINDROP Problem Solve , which will help end users to solve their problems.

28 Tangentia India Technologies Private Limited Tangentia Gateway - Digital Warehouse – Helps to connect vendors and suppliers of retail, automotive and eCommerce to their trading partner hubs through an integrated, fool-proof, trading partner compliance guaranteed solution involving software, hardware and robotic process automation. Helping businesses to connect with trading partners using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as well as non-EDI channels

Tangentia - Business Automation Platform (BAP) – Helping businesses digitize and automate their business processes by use of Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Process Management (BPM), API Integration and Document Management in a tightly integrated platform. Mid-Sized companies can now rely on a single platform to take their business to the next digital frontier.
29 Nordic Intent LLP Fathamster strives to deliver unique and creative solutionswith no compromise to quality or execution. Fathamster studio is the amigation of art and technology.
31 E Concero Advertising and Engagement Platform
The platform enables in providing research and insights on the go cutting research timeline cost and most importantly accuracy and relevance of data. The platform also serves as an engagement platform for audience to engage and interact with brands.
33 Infolink Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Intellistant
Intellistant is more than a CRM software for Business automation! Packed with all essential modules from Lead generation to Quotation / Invoice / Payment management with a smart product catalog and a fully automatic Tax calculator, real time reporting system for field force, comprehensive inventory module to track both incoming and outgoing stock, Analytics and Reports to make quick business decisions, Intellistant works as a Intelligent Business Assistant. Dedicated database and exclusive stand alone application for each customer ensures safety and security for data and documents.
34 SERPENT CONSULTING SERVICES PVT. LTD. Hotel Management Software, SAAS Model
35 TALENT RECRUIT SOFTWARE PVT. LTD. Launch of ERIKA - a Virtual Recruiter driven by Artificial Intelligence to assist and empower human recruiters. ERIKA will be launched as an add-on module to our Intelligent & Advanced Recruitment Platform that features Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to help organizations find the right candidates at the right time & cost.
36 KAMTECH ASSOCIATES PVT. LTD. Wealth Management System- This software provides comprehensive research-based advisory along with convenient and personalized investment execution with clients. The features of the product is ranging from debt, equity, mutual funds, insurance, derivatives, commodities, structured products, international funds, art funds and real estate. It is a essential software aimed to wealth management services
37 ELEGANT INFOTECH We would like to introduce to you our company Elegant Infotech. With a wealth of expertise spanning all areas of the web, Elegant Infotech is able to undertake multi-faceted projects requiring interdisciplinary experience. Whether your needs require a static web site, e-commerce solution, complete Content Management System, Search Engine Optimized site, Flash interface site, Blogs, a type of Social Networking or a combined integration of solutions, our team not only has the necessary experience, we are the industry leaders.
38 IQ TECHLABS INC Finbridge
39 iMax Technologies Pvt Ltd Finbridge
40 Infograins Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Block chain based storage
41 Blucursor Infotech Pvt Ltd GeoTracz (Smart GPS Tracking System)
42 Syscraft Information System Pvt. Ltd. We have recently launched our POS Solution for Bars & Restaurants which is a modified version of our POS solution for Events. The Bar & Restaurant POS solution has an addon feature of Bar Exchange functionality where the pricing changes as per occupancy.
43 Supreme innovations Hospital Information System
44 Digiclay Infotech Private Limited Hostel Cloud , HMS
45 SYNERGY EMPERF- Tracking tool for sales person.
46 Ascendancy technologies Pvt. LTD. A software product company, providing exim, / supply chain management solutions
47 TAKELEAP Electronic Tender:State of the art, most secure electronic tender portal that will avoid major scams at government level.
Road Analytics: State of the art analysis of road using Computer Vision
Real Estate Solution: State of the art real estate sales visualization software.
TASQAR: Industrial Augmented Reality Solution
48 Winner Software Private Limited E -Typing: Today’s world every business is on software or apps. It crops up the need of speedy Typing for speed work. This is the reason “Winner Software” has developed the Online Computer Typing Exam software. It strongly supports “Skill India”, “Digital India”, “Make in India”, “Clean India” & “Green India” campaigns of our country.
  • Multilingual-Multi-courses.
  • Objective-Subjective question paper set with shuffling.
  • Hall-Tickets, Mark-sheets & certificates generation.
  • Secure & Hassle free.
  • Resume exam feature.
  • Automatic answers verification & marking system.
  • Real-time dashboard.
  • Auto-save feature, Auto/Manual upload backup.
  • Smart ChatBot.
Technologies: Java, AngularJS, .Net, MySQL, SQL Lite, AWS

SMS: School Management System: School Management System is developed for the interaction between School, Teachers, Parents and Librarian with Voice Support.
  • Role based login with authentication.
  • Student assignments.
  • exam and result.
  • Picture Gallery & Videos of events.
  • Student Attendance.
  • Leave Tracker.
  • Calendar of Events & Holidays.
  • Daily Time Table & Notice Board.
  • Events Notification & Circular.
  • Library Tracker.
  • Lunch Box Menus.
  • Profile Details.
  • Payment & SMS Gateway.
  • Smart ChatBot.
  • Voice Support.
Technologies: Java, Android, SQL Server, Spring Restful API, Angular JS, MySQL, Tomcat.

HRMS: Human Resource Management System: HRMS goal is to fulfil the need of the HR department to manage employee’s personal data and to cater needs of employee’s self-service.
  • Role-based login with authentication.
  • HRM & ESS modules.
  • Facility to Add/Delete/Edit/View for designation, internal-external jobs, profile, skills etc.
  • Holidays-Events calendar.
  • Leave Management.
  • Salary-Slip & Record Generation.
  • Complaint & Appraisal Management.
  • Account Profile.
  • Events, Notification & Circulars.
  • Smart Dashboard with Graphical Representation.
  • Employee Need Request.
  • Multiple Platforms.
  • SMS Gateway.
  • Voice Support.
Technologies: Java, Android, MySQL, Spring-MVC, Spring-Security, Swagger, Hibernate, Restful API, Angular, Tomcat.

PMS : Patient Management System: PMS is web-based application which connects stakeholders like Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Pathology & X-Ray Labs, Blood Banks, Organ Banks, Dietician, Insurance, Medical equipment’s for patient etc. which caters state of the art speedy, 24X7 real-time patient medical status records useful for fast health diagnosis & treatment.
  • Role-based login with authentication.
  • Registration Module.
  • Add/Delete/Edit/View list for stakeholder’s and patient’s records.
  • Upload prescriptions, diet plan etc.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Profile Details.
  • Emergency & Alerts.
  • Stakeholder’s selection.
  • Smart dashboard with graphical representation.
  • Payment/SMS Gateway.
  • Smart-Chabot.
  • Blood & Organ donor List.
  • Sanitary/Medical evacuation.
  • Estimated Bills.
  • Location mapping & Reports.
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Spring-MVC, Spring-Security, Hibernate, Restful-API, Angular4, Bootstrap, Tomcat.
50 VoltusWave Technologies India Private Limited We are launching an app marketplace with pre-built apps for sector specific apps on subscription basis
52 Beghou Consulting India Pvt Ltd Beghou’s Meridian is a suite of intuitive tools that help companies optimize sales force deployment and territory alignment. It uses proprietary algorithms and Google Maps to offer custom recommendations and provide visualizations to help you explore various commercial scenarios, target the highest-potential territories, allocate the right number of field sales representatives to those territories and make necessary ongoing changes to your sales strategy.
53 Kastech Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd We are a team of professionals specialized in the fields of consulting, implementation and service delivery. Clients count on us to help them transform uncertainity to possibility.
Kastech was established in 2008. The firm was set up because Sri and Suresh the founders saw there was a real potential in the Houston area for affordable professional services. We invest in the development of thought leadership to enhance our reputation in the marketplace, define and extend our brand, and bolster our reputation for innovation. Our goal is to draw upon research and experience from throughout our professional services organization, and that of coauthors in academia and business.
54 IMPROSYS FAST WMS SOFTWARE: WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is designed on web based platform to improve efficiency and space utilisation in warehouse. Barcode/QR code/RFID in software helps to improve traceability of materials. Integration with major ERP software i.e. SAP,ORACLEetc available. Graphical dashboard helps to manage inventory visually. A must solution for improving delivery performance in supply chain management. Software is well proven in international markets and used by major MNC logistic companies.
FAST PRODUCTION PLANNING/MONITORING SOFTWARE: Web based software to monitor efficiency, utilisation and quality of resources on shopfloor. Get live machine status on shopfloor and reduce stoppages in production. Software helps customers to meet target delivery dates by planning resources and managing unpredicted stoppages. Integration with major ERP software i.e. SAP, ORACLE etc available. IOT feature along with hardware device to get auto signals of machine start & end times along with option to use barcodes for fast data updating on shopfloor. Simple and easy interface helps shopfloor operators to update data live on machines. Graphical dashboard helps to manage machines, operators and stoppages visually. Software is well proven in international markets and used by major engineering part manufacturing companies. FAST QUALITY SOFTWARE: Helps to record and monitor quality of products, processes, vendors and people enabling reducing Cost of Quality, improving customer satisfaction. Software has Quality planning, Gauge management, Sample inspection, X bar chart ,P charts and major quality control charts and graphical analysis of quality trends. Integration with major ERP software i.e. SAP,ORACLEetc available.
55 Gamitronics VR Games and Companion Robots
56 GolIve Gaming solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ultimate Cricket Champion - GoLive challenges you to a game of cricket! Join millions of Cricket Fans in this thrilling, new, cricket card game. You’ll need all your wits and tactics to beat some of the greatest cricket players in history and become the ultimate cricket champion!
57 Inani Media TOONS- ANT & ELEPHANT ( ORIGINAL IP) Current Under Production, D MAN ( ORIGINA P) Current Under Production Look FOR COLLABORATORS
58 MEDIA FUSION INDIA PVT LTD Appu Merchandise, Please visit for more information
59 Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd BEO and PENO Slab-stick 2D Animation Series
Replica panerai Roex milgauss