New Launches Of IT Product AT indiasoft 2020

Sr. No. Company Name Product Name
1 HITESHI INFOTECH PVT LTD (Hiteshi - Mobile & Web Experts) CHATBOT-Hiteshi’s team has the capabilities to refract the human brain with the digital assistant. Our AI product line comprises of Virtual Assistants, Natural Language Processing, Visual Technology and Machine Training.

Our Chatbot has advanced computing capability to perform analytics on unstructured data, generate advanced reporting and we provide the fastest integration of our chatbot on any platform.

Our product has been trained to perform analytics and show the desired results by converting unstructured data to structured data
2 Threshold Software Solutions Pvt Ltd ZEROCODE-ZeroCode is a Rapid Application Development platform that helps to build quicker enterprise grade apps without coding. Build any type of business application 8-10x faster and better than the traditional method. Experience the power of ZeroCode and create business applications based on your own data model, data management, business processes, logic & User experience. The application is automatically suitable for use on any computer, tablet and smartphone.

With Zero-Code, you can build and deploy apps faster than you thought possible. From design to deployment, Zero-Code development environment dramatically reduce the amount of time required to build, deploy, and change enterprise apps.

The ZeroCode enhances, rather than replaces, your existing core IT systems. You can integrate your entire enterprise to gain new insights and build differentiating applications that leverage your strengths. Zero code is not moving to any new technology, rather it’s a strategy that drives digital transformation.

EASE: Minimal coding, as in user-friendly, visual, drag-and-drop functionality
SPEED:Hyper-responsiveness, the ability to go from idea to app immediately
POWER: Enterprise-grade, secure, scalable functionality
4 PROCESSMASTER TECHNOLOGIESS SALESTRIP: The Salestrip SFA is a comprehensive sales force automation software (Field Staff Reporting & Tracking Software) specially designed to automate every sales related activities. Salestrip SFA empowers the top management and field force to take well-informed decisions and vis-à-vis organization’s sales strategy, thus, maximizing the sales and profit margins to the greatest possible extent.
5 YASH COMPUTECH SOLUTION PVT LTD Drishyam: A digital signage solution with very cost effective and robust info as compare to solution available in the market.
6 KONJOIN TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD Offwallet: Your Zero Internet Banking application catering to rural & sub Urban area. Transact Money with or without internet anywhere & anytime.

Filer Block: Consolidated retail application with AI, BI, GeoBusiness etc at 1/10 of the market cost. 55+ features in 1 single application. No hardware, no infrastructure required.
7 Sosaley Technologies Private Limited HeartTarangTM: The world's first wireless ECG that delivers all the features of a standard ECG monitor.

Plug & Play IoT (hardware and software) including Cloud Services.
8 Innospace Automation Services Pvt., Ltd. Wireless IO – It’s a Wireless Link for the replacement of any Digital or Analog IO to PLC or any other automation devices. For the working range of 100 meters in NLOS. IoT Gateway - Gateway with Wifi , DIO 8, AIO 4 ,

IoT Dashboard
9 FUTURECALLS TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD. SPARK CRM iSPARK (Issue Processing Analytics Resolution and Knowledge base) has been developed by Future Calls based on self-experience as a contact center technology provider and the product has just been launched in January- 2019.

  • Rule based SLA management
  • Notification for each activity- Email / SMS/Whats App
    (Generate, Update, Delete and close tickets and SLA violations )
  • Automated assignment /Self Assignment
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email to ticket generation on skill based.
  • Omni Chanel support (Phone/Email/Web)
  • Interim Close
  • API interface with third party applications
  • Rule based ticket allocation
  • Robust ticket tracking and closure process
  • Dashboards & Reports
10 Genesis Information Technologies Services Private Limited GenETL – A complete ETL Testing Software –

Description - The tool provides the complete solution for data validation along with data integrity checking. The tool has been of a great help to different businesses in carrying out

comparison of source data base to the target Database. With the capability to analyse millions of rows and columns in less than a minute, the tool has helped different stakeholders in the database migration activities. GenETL simplifies comparison of database Schema across environments.
11 Alphanso Technology OTT Platform, Event Management Platform, Music Streaming Platform, Social Networking Platform
12 K ONE VENTURES 1. Lead Management & Pre-admissions Management
2. VisitrQ* - A comprehensive visitor Management Solution
3. Myfeedbackq* - Feedback capturing tab based app with actionable insights for Restaurants & airlines, Spas & other services industry
4. Report Card & Result Analytics
5. Teacher Management, Performance, appraisal, Timetable (with leave & substitution feature) & Syllabus
6. Student Performance & Analytics
7. Online Testing (customisable test questions & formats) with analytics & insights (all genres & levels)
8. HR, Attendance & Payroll Management
9. College Management
10. Fees & Subscription Management
11. Complete School Management & Automation Solutions with Parents connectivity App
13 CSM TECHNOLOGIES E-Pass with face recognition
Introduction of e-Pass had made the life easy for the people wanting to enter Odisha Secretariat and some other government building. Now it has gone another step ahead where people who still come to the pass issuing office to get their entry passes. It will be done through Face recognition now. There will be a display screen installed at the gates of the secretariat where the security personnel has to check the access response and the camera installed there will capture the visitor’s face and send to the server, it will revert with a response if the visitor is new to the Secretariat and in this case will keep the face as registered for 90 days after which it goes to archives. This way the history record of the person visited stay registered and every time he/she comes again the server will recognize his face and he can enter the secretariat without standing in long queues wasting his official visiting time
14 Xtreem Solution Burger King – CostaRica
15 ANGEL INFOTECH Sales CRM: Fully integrated with Orders, Transactions, Reports, Stock, User roles. Attractive dashboard which will lead business to take smart decisions.

Hospital Management: It Includes things like Departments, Doctors, Patient history, Appointments with Calendar & Transactions along with well designed Master Admin, Doctor & Receptionist Panel.
16 Bloque Labs Private Limited SchoolChain- Bullet-proof your certificates from fraud using blockchain
SmartAsset- track any physical asset and get its provenance
SmartArt- solving the royalty problem in the digital art space.
17 ABSYZ Software Consulting Private Limited ConnectEazy can be easily customized across industries and can easily integrate with any other applications using APIs.
ConnectEazy is a comprehensive
Employee Engagement Tool
built on #1 CRM platform
18 Abstech – The Pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition based Attendance System
We have developed a face recognition based attendance system which works with machine learning and AI and can work for larger organisations in both online and offline mode. We see a vast scope of application for this solution with some areas listed below
a. Hospitals
b. Education Institutes
c. Malls and Shopping Complexes
d. Footfall count for exhibitions with detailed demographics like age, gender and mood of the visitors
e. Customer behaviour and response analysis
f. Community Policing
18 Precision Precast Solutions Pvt Ltd--PPS Engineering analysis, detailing and design tools for Building Information Modelling (BIM).
19 OFFICE BEACON ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES PVT LTD Flowz Workflow Management Tool: Its automation base workflow application, where using simple BPMN diagrams. Application will automatically execute diagram and Atomized entire workflow as described in diagram.

Flowz Dynamic Wbsite Builder: This is new era website builder, which allow you to easily migrate data from your existing application, create your own website/ecommerce webstore with easy drag and drop functionality and little bit of training, manage multiple web site/stores in single admin, Create multiple web store with different rules/product.Its come with pre-build module such as Zero/Quickbook for accounting, Basic CRM, Virtual tool for your product.
20 Nippon Data Systems Ltd. SIMPPLIFY: a complete supplier network management solution. The solution cover entire transactions with Suppliers from Budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies and provide Auction and Reverse Auction functionality as well. The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense it provides integration with your back-end ERP and other software applications where required to make the interaction with Supplier completely seamless. However, all transactions like Requisitions, Purchase order, PO acceptance, Supplies, Supplier invoicing, etc. can also be managed entirely or selectively on SIMPPLIFY platform also and selectively integrated with back-end system as required by Buyer. We are sure that Nippon Data will be able to contribute significantly to your efforts on systems and process improvement front.
21 MYASA NETWORK SOLUTIONS MERAKI FIRE BALLS: An innovative solution to block the unnecessary social media during the office hours

SWIITCHESAn innovative device for channelizing the system
22 STAG NETWORKS Pvt Ltd eCommerce App
24 Netshell Software Solutions The complete E-commerce Solution to Empower Online Store
25 Telebu Communications TelebuJoin, TelebuPing
26 ALIGNMINDS TECHNOLOGIES IvyPlex: It’s a light weight Cloud Point of Sales System to effectively manage Sales, Inventory, Customers, Employees, Loyalty Etc.

Android Based POS: Will be launching a new and cutting-edge Android based Point of Sales System
27 Evos Solutions TimeBell: In every business involving human resources, keeping track of employees’ attendance is very essential since the beginning of hiring people in order to perform subsequent sensitive decision making activities. Therefore Evos Solutions is introducing this product as a one stop solution for helping entrepreneurs to get started with attendance tracking, payroll, etc. along with minimizing cost and effort involved in these cumbersome routine tasks. As it is specially designed both for small businesses and for those which have begun to grow, this mobile app based solution having analytical abilities is the best choice.
28 BT&BT Lean Digital Quotient Finer
29 Deltacubes Technology Enterprise Grade Bot:TruBot is an enterprise grade, multi-skilled RPA software bot which automates a range of simple as well as complex processes.
Intelligent Data Capture: TruCap+, a highly modular, configurable, and customizable data capture solution helps in capturing data from va rious unstructured documents with over 99% accuracy.
30 E- Procurement Technologies Limited Procurement Analytics Dashboard: This tool is designed in such a way that it gives complete visibility on spend and supplier performance. It helps you generate various MIS reports based on combinations of KPIs like category, product, buyer and supplier. By offering a big picture view on entire spend, it assures to drive greater efficiency, value and higher productivity to buyers.
31 Crushaders Tech Solution LLP Orocast (OTT Platform): Orocast is an OTT platform in which anyone can join and start streaming their own contents without any knowledge about coding. It is also the one-stop solution for creating website, application and video stream by combining and encoding the raw files sent by the user and streams it in high quality to provide uninterrupted online Video streaming.
32 BornMonkie Pvt. Ltd. AutoRaja: Tuk Tuk Battlegrounds - A multiplayer shooter for mobile, currently in soft launch.
33 SKILL MONKS EDVISERS: Mobile app connecting skill seekers with Experts across the globe for guidance and consulting
34 DIGICLAY INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED A mobile Enabled Billing & Accounting Solution for Rural Areas
35 Taritas Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a SaaS based platform available for Startups at a very low cost to gamify their work culture & to boost productivity.
36 DataFlakes Innovations Pvt Ltd Jhatpat Jobs is an AI-driven platform designed for the unique Indian hyperlocal jobs. It acts like a seasoned matchmaker between companies & job seekers through a highly intuitive, multilingual platform with conversational capabilities.

The built-in intelligence simplifies the hiring with an unmatched 5-5-5 approach:
- Easy Job Posting with as much as 5 clicks.
- Closing a job cycle from posting a job to tailormade hiring in less than 5 days.
- Offering 5 different checks to bring in authenticity and transparency in the overall experience.
37 bluCursor Infotech Pvt Ltd GeoTracz (Smart GPS Tracking System)
38 PROCESSMASTER TECHNOLOGIES SALESTRIP : The Salestrip SFA is a comprehensive sales force automation software (Field Staff Reporting & Tracking Software) specially designed to automate every sales related activities. Salestrip SFA empowers the top management and field force to take well-informed decisions and vis-à-vis organization’s sales strategy, thus, maximizing the sales and profit margins to the greatest possible extent.
39 ROOH TECHNOLOGY Smart Facelock
40 Supreme innovations Hospital Information system
41 Syscraft Information System Pvt. Ltd. We have recently launched our POS Solution for Bars & Restaurants which is a modified version of our POS solution for Events. The Bar & Restaurant POS solution has an addon feature of Bar Exchange functionality where the pricing changes as per occupancy.
42 Nonstop Corporation and
43 OMEAON COMPFUTURE INC We are design and support for VR Technology. We create virtual world, using VR Software, we looking for clients for Gamming industry.
44 Maya Manpower consultancy services Recruitment Software
45 RP INDIA TECH SERVICES PVT LTD Mobile Appliocations
46 ENJAY I.T. SOLUTIONS LTD. a big marketing App for Small Business Owners. Its a Mobile App which helps small business owners to grow their business using their own contacts and creating campaigns using Email, SMS, WhatsApp.
47 INSIDELOGIC PRIVATE LIMITED Our album designing software’s new version album sense cc
48 ANJALI INFOCOM INDIA Service Companies, Manufacturing companies and largely SME companies, Wholesale and Retails Medical, FMCG, Hotel, Industries
49 PERICENT – A DOCUMENT AND PROCESS AUTOMATION COMPANY docEdge DMS – Enterprise class Document Management System
bpmEdge BPMS –Business Process Management and Automation Platform
50 ANIMANTZ Launching our new animated series titled BEO n PENo, a 39 x 7'animated slapstick comedy series for the Indian market and other markets worldwide.
51 Rocket Science Animation Animation Series for kids. 7 min episodes. 3D animation. Trailer done. Pilot underway
52 Kreeti Technologies Mobility Solutions for companies having their own product/service delivery fleet. Using the web and mobile app, companies can assign tasks to their agents/delivery person, and then the agent’s location is tracked as the service is delivered. Also, includes auto-routing system, to find the best schedule for the agent.
53 eFACiLiTY® - SIERRA ODC eFACiLiTY® - Patrol Management System
eFACiLiTY®- Instant Feedback System
eFACiLiTY® - Library Management System
54 YALAMANCHILI Self-service terminals with end to end software in the registration and card issuance space.Digital class room solution
55 ANGLER Technologies Vendora - Web-based tool to digitally maintain all your vendor contracts and manage associated documentations to gain visibility & drive operational efficiency. More details at
56 RANA AND RIV’S WONDER FOREST Young explorers Rana and Riv, live in Karli, a mountain village that happens to be rightnext to the Wonder Forest, a secret realm filled with strange tribes, magical creatures and icecream trees. Rana is a whiz kid who is always inventing crazy technology in his quest tounderstand what makes the Wonder Forest tick, while Riv is a wild child with an enormous appetite and the ability to speak all animal languages.
57 CHOTA SHARK Chota Shark is a funny, animated series that takes place at the bottom of the ocean, the home of our characters - Chota Shark and his friend Crabo who tackle various situations created by Hammy and his friend, Robot.
58 SME A ANALYTICS PVT LTD SMEA ANALYTICS is software tool which analysis the balance sheet and give graphs & recommendations.
59 BIGCODE GAMES PVT. LTD. PENGUIN STORY - Penguin Story – A journey to save the Peak Kingdom along with the captain “ALEX”.
The story is about the magic forces which has been prepared by the Penguins to destroy magical monsters who destroyed their kingdom, looted everything. Now, penguins are eagerly waiting to kill the mythical monsters by forming a troop of powerful penguins from all around the world and fight against them. Penguin Story is about game adventure in match 3 game. Its a fun combination of 3 different match 3 mechanics: collapse, swap and connect.
60 Lintel Technologies Longress – An audio Video conferencing solution just from your browser
LUC – Unified communication service with email, chat, phone and conferencing
61 PlugXR Reality Private Limited PlugXR CloudAR Platform; is an Augmented Reality SaaS platform to create fastest Augmented Reality apps and experiences for Android, iOS, HMD and Web platforms. This will be the great platform for all the creative individuals to create end to end Augmented Reality solutions for their clients
62 TestingXperts Private Limited AI based products in Software Testing
64 PROSPECTA TECHNOLOGIES Safety Management System
65 Tetrasoft We are launching Tetracore - :
Tetracore is a Low code/no code blockchain solution. Large global organizations across multiple domains use Tetracore in their blockchain journey. Platform to facilitate rapid development of Blockchain applications. Customize your workflow and tailor your smart contract with simple scripting language on the go. Maximize your business by quick API integration with the LOB applications. 2 weeks to go live with 60% savings on development time
66 is a community-driven platform that connects tech companies with highly skilled women professionals looking for remote working opportunities. is a start-up which celebrates Women In technology and provides better services to its versatile clients through its workforce of 200+ highly skilled women and 20+ subject matter experts in versatile domains. Whether you want to balance work and personal life or take up remote working as a lifestyle choice, connect with SheWork to become your own boss!
67 3SD Solutions IDS – ( Intrusion Detection System)
68 Tecziq Solutions Fitness First – Application for Individual trainers or Gym operators wherein they can manage subscription of their clients as well as provide their client with on the go Training plans, Diet Plans, Detox Plans, Recipes as well as the users can use it to record their progress and also interact with the trainers and take feedback on progress
69 Voltuswave Technologies At VoltusWave, we are developing an Application Platform as a Service(aPaaS), democratizing appification by enabling Business Users Build their own App (BYOA) – in FAST, SIMPLE and EFFICIENT way. We are a team of technocrats disrupting IT application development market by making “DYOA” (Do Your Own Application) with machine learning capabilities and deploy it on any cloud.
70 Prismart Productions New Intellectual property