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New Launches Of IT Product AT indiasoft 2021

Sr. No. Company Name Product Name
1 Nippon Data Systems Ltd
Contact: Mr Ashish Saraf
Email: [email protected]
SIMPPLIFY” – a complete supplier network management solution. The solution cover entire transactions with Suppliers from Budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies and provide Auction and Reverse Auction functionality as well.  The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense it provides integration with your back-end ERP and other software applications where required to make the interaction with Supplier completely seamless.  However, all transactions like Requisitions, Purchase order, PO acceptance, Supplies, Supplier invoicing, etc. can also be managed entirely or selectively on SIMPPLIFY platform also and selectively integrated with back-end system as required by Buyer.   We are sure that Nippon Data will be able to contribute significantly to your efforts on systems and process improvement front.  
Contact: Mr Nagendra Prasad Kumble
Email: [email protected]  
Pro HM - It listens to your critical assets as it needs more care and AI does it the best. Improve your bottom line by using our ProHM+ - Asset Health Monitoring tool driven by Machine Learning to gather the insight and predict the remaining usefull life of the product. our product Improves the reliability of the system by detecting any signs of a possible malfunction and prevents any potential failures
3 Checkbox Technology
Contct: Mr Anil Garg
Email: [email protected]
  • Meeting Minutes (MM) Global Video/Audio/Text meeting platform with an emphasis on productive meetings with tracking and follow ups.
  • Virtual Study (VS)-Online Class/lecture room platform interacting between the principal, teacher, student, and parents with assignments, evaluation, and marking
  • Warranty Service Portal (WaSP)- Warranty & Service management tool for consumer durable service and manufacturing companies.
  • GUAGE- A Sporting Event Ranking & Evaluation Tool for Sports Governing Bodies with KPI based analytics social/economic/sporting/demographic event-related developments.
  • Contactless Attendance and location tracker

  • Customized Software Application/Solutions Design & Development
  • Technology Consultancy for Software Projects
  • We also provide Technical resources both for Onsite and Offsite locations
  • We provide Software Testing (QA) services.
4 AM Webtech Pvt. Ltd
Contact: Mr Hitesh Solanki
Email: [email protected]
Trial Pits: Trial Pits is a photo-sharing platform for utility companies that allows field staff to share site information securely between the site and office effortlessly to enhance Client / Contractor relationships for civil contractors by displaying the photos on an interactive live map of your geographical boundaries. =====================================================
Document Translator: The translator is a multilingual neural machine translation service developed to translate text from one language into another. You will be able to translate words or phrases from one language to another. How is it different from Google Translator and other translating modes? - This Translator does not save the data in the background, it means your data/ document is completely safe, it will give the results in real-time. For highly confidential contracts enterprise companies and organizations can rely on translators without compromising the privacy.
5 skyniche IBSS
Contact: Mr Rakesh Krishnan
Email: [email protected]
Cloud Call Center Software: Designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Integrate with or replace your existing contact centre technology.
Restaurant Automation Software: Restaurant Automation Software helps to manage restaurant billing, inventory tracking, recipe management, kitchen order taking, free accounting, table layout, call order management & more, in the form of complete business automation solutions paired with mobile apps and cloud solutions, our technological footprint has grown to benefit of 1000+ restaurant businesses across 20+ countries.
Virtual Tradeshow Software: Leverage an amazing virtual space for your biggest trade show yet, with customizable exhibitor booths, on-demand content, chat, calls, video calls, SMS, WhatsApp and convenient online order system.
Warehouse Management Software (WMS): WMS solution is an ideal cloud-based and integrated warehouse management system software for storage facilities, transportation firms and logistics organizations that deal in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing. 
Contact: Mr Simon J
Email: [email protected]
InfraonBot (Chat Bot), InfraonSecuRA ( Remote access) and InfraonAsset (Asset Management) are going to be launched.
Contact: Mr Manish Vig
Founder & Director
Email: [email protected]
Virtual CIO" - Part-time CIO services to initiate and lead the organisation to transform strategic use of IT tools, i.e., IoT/ Industry 4.0, business modernisation with mobile app, process re-engineering/ semi-automation with ERP, etc.

Project examples:

  • Remote monitoring & predictive maintenance for factory machinery comprising of machines of different make and models such as GE, Fanuc, Siemens etc, i.e., with Fanuc MT-LINKi, etc.
  • Semi-automation of MRP (material resource planning) and logistics/ inventory management, i.e., with WORLD1 BizNext, etc.
  • Integrated knowledge management, including material, facilities, jigs/ tools & manual works, etc. for service parts supply, i.e., with WORLD1 BizNext, etc.
  • BizNext - A very powerful and robust ERP System built on World’s most popular open source.
  • specialized and dedicated team to migrate to new technologies.
  • Developed by people having more than 15 years of development experience of working on latest technologies and supported by people having long experience on ERP products.
  • Ready to be deployed on In-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure. Also, can work offline for some of transactions.
  • Most of features are web based, so it’s easy to operate from anywhere. Required features can be brought on Mobile platform like Android and iOS.

Ready to be integrated with any third-party application.
8 Fi-es Systems Pvt Ltd
Contact: Ms K P Mini
Email: [email protected] is an extremely user friendly web based peoples platform for people to simplify the way they interact with Internet and be productive. It also can be said as a Powerful Next Generation Cloud Application platform where businesses can use applications to manage their business and offer various services to people on the platform. It has been designed to work on any device keeping in mind over 4 billion internet users, their culture, various businesses and the things that need to be connected to internet.  
Contact: Mr Atish Bihani
Email: [email protected]
  • Ekklavya’s Robotic Process Automation BOTS: We can customize RPA, for your organization and increase efficiency and compliance.
  • Ekklavya’s Employee Monitoring and Evaluation System: Track working hours at a granular level based on time spent on specific processes to gain insights into employee productivity patterns
  • Ekklavya’s Human Resource & Payroll eXecutive solution: Covers all HR, Payroll, Finance and Admin functions.
  • Ekklavya’s Assets, Inventory and Maintenance solution linked with Budgets
  • Ekklavya’s Local Mailing, Dynamic Workflow & File Management of Documents

Ekklavya’s C’lai: Tailor-Made customized software applications
10 BUSY Infotech Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr Sumit Kumar
Email: [email protected]
BUSY 21 (New Release of BUSY Accounting Software)
11 ANMsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr Samrat Ghosh
IT Consultant
Email: [email protected]
  • E-Commerce Subscription Based Solution
  • Travel Accounting Subscription Based Solution
Contact: Mr Subhendu Kumar
Business Head: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Online Commodity Trading Platform: Online Commodity Trading System is a one stop solution catering to spot markets where production is completed & delivery is immediate. The automation provides access to market and fair price discovery of quality produce, encouraging the local supply chain expand to global market. The system caters to the complete trade cycle, from membership & catalogue management, auction automation, business management to market analytics & insights.

Automated Seed Certification System: Seed Certification System ensures greater operational autonomy and transparency through a centrally managed, end- to- end certification system. It brings in ease in various aspects of the process and makes information easily available to the key stakeholders, to ensure timely compliance to the certification process. This System helps preservation of genetic purity and identity of seeds.

Contact: Mr Anwer Bagdadi
Email: [email protected]

Octaware Telemedicine App (A platform to receive Medical services through Teleconsultation anytime, anywhere)
Aim: Primary Objective to help citizen to consult doctor through audio/Video through Teleconsultation Mobile App. This will reduce patient panic situations and avoid contact during traveling or visiting doctors during a pandemic. Octaware has decided to release the Teleconsultation Mobile APP which is a need of an hour during a pandemic.

Mobile/Web App:

  1. Screening and Evaluation as per WHO guidelines
  2. Teleconsultation
Working Model:
  1. Mobile App/Web App for the users (patients) would be available on the App store
  2. A doctor offering services to be registered to this APP. Medical doctors can choose time slots to be online to accept direct video calls or by appointment.
  3. Medical doctors can opt to offer their services with subsidized fees, voluntary, or full fees.
  4. Post- Pandemic, this app to be used as a normal Teleconsultation app. Patients can select doctors as per their need such as Eye specialists, ENT, etc.

Future Plan: The platform will be enhanced to scale to telemedicine to get connected with the medical devices and transfer data on the cloud for further processing. The next phase will be taken it forward to have complete end-to-end Telemedicine services for Public, primary health care & government hospitals.

  1. Power ERM (Employee Relationship Management) – Registered
  2. Hospice (Hospital Management System) – Registered
  3. Research Paper on COVID-19 Telemedicine Application published in “American Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice
  4. iOnAsset- An Automated Asset Tracking and Management System- Registered
  5. Social Media Relationship Tagging With Viral Network- Applied (Pending for approval)
Air-Venti- Registered

Email: [email protected]
CRM, HRMS, WFMS and Task Management
15 DSS Systems and Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Mr Ramesh Kumar
Email: [email protected]
  • Auto-Offset-System (AOS) for Zero Dimensional Defect CNC Machining.
  • Accounts-Receivable-Monitoring-&-Control System (ARMAC) for Faster Conversion of AR to Cash with less Effort.
  • In-Process-Quality-Management-System (Pro-QMS) for measurement and control of in-process Quality using Online SPC Concept
  • iSuggestNow; for implementing an Electronic Suggestion Box facility to bring in Innovation Culture in the Organisation.Culture in t
16 DigiPrima Technologies
Contact: Ms Shubhra Shrivastava
CEO / Founder
Email: [email protected]

Built for Busy Entrepreneurs. PrimaPlus is made up of simple concepts and practical tools that can be easily applied in a fast-paced small business. There’s no theory, no management fads – just basic, useful tools that help people get more of the right stuff done every week.

Holistic Model and Approach. PrimaPlus doesn’t treat symptoms – it helps you cure your business – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.

Designed to Solve Issues Once and For All. By helping you and your team focus on the “root cause” of your issues – PrimaPlus takes you below the surface to produce real, permanent change.

Brings Focus, Discipline and Accountability. PrimaPlus is a simple framework for defining what’s important, who owns it, and exactly what success looks like. With every member of your team accountable for a handful of goals and numbers, you’ll get consistently better results.

PrimaPlus works in any entrepreneurial company – across all industries and business models. If you’ve got people in your business, PrimaPlus can help you clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.

17 TechnoPurple IT Solutions Private Limited
Contact: Mr Amit Jain
Email: [email protected]

Indoor Workforce Tracking:
Efficiently track workforce in multi-level indoor environment using WiFi and Bluetooth Beacons. Monitor attendance, real-time position, assign tasks to nearest available person and measure performance at click of a button.

18 Futops Technologies India Pvt Ltd Contact: Abhinav Praween Agrawal
Email: [email protected]
strong>CSPS- Covid Spread Prevention System A software solution which can allow users to detect and track people without practicing COVID compliances such as not wearing face-masks, social distancing etc. And also alerts for elevated body temperature. This solution can be implemented in Hospitals, Schools, Offices, factories and even in public places such as streets, Parks etc.
19 Business Gateways International
(India) Private Limited
Contact: Mr Denis Charlese
Sr Manager
Email:[email protected]
A comprehensive Procurement & Investment Facilitation Platform that supports nations and industries to comprehensively implement Procurement & Investment Operations aimed at enhancing Local Content Development and Growth.
20 Finstep Asia Limited
Contact: Syed Musheer Ahmed
Email:[email protected]
FinStep Asia is a strategy advisory firm powering the next generation of businesses in Asia, partnering with Corporates and Startups in their Innovation and Scaling Journey. We drive innovation strategy, fuel startup engagement and enable cross border scaling by leveraging off our deep expertise in Asia across Startups, Corporates and Government Enterprises.
21 K One Ventures LLP – IOT, AI & Analytics & SAAS
Contact: Mr. Krishnapal Singh Solanki
Email:[email protected]
  • Lead Management & Pre-admissions Management
  • Social Media Tracking for the Organization
  • Online Tests with Proctoring solution
  • VisitrQ* - A comprehensive visitor Management Solution
  • Myfeedbackq* - Feedback capturing tab based app with actionable insights for Restaurants & airlines, Spas & other services industry
  • Report Card & Result Analytics
  • Teacher Management, Performance, appraisal, Timetable (with leave & substitution feature) & Syllabus
  • Student Performance & Analytics
  • Online Testing (customisable test questions & formats) with analytics & insights (all genres & levels)
  • HR, Attendance & Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • College Management
  • Fees & Subscription Management
Complete School Management & Automation Solutions with Parents connectivity
22 Rooh Project Consultancy
Contact: Ms Ruchi Singh
Email:[email protected]
Smart Facelock
23 Plutomen Technologies Private Limited
Contact: Mr Keyur Bhalavat
CEO & Co Founder
Email:[email protected]
Version 2 of Plutomen ARMS will be launched in March 2021.
The current version is iOS & Android supported. We are launching Web Browser and updated features like Freeze Mode, Recording & Storage of Troubleshooting & Inspection Videos, Messaging Corner, etc.
We are also launching on Smart AR Glasses (Google Glass, Real Wear) by next Quarter
24 Aark Infosoft Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr Kartik Trivedi
Email:[email protected]
EMR & HER (Description)
A comprehensive EHR platform have an appointment-setting feature that allows team members to quickly register patients, schedule them, and choose a purpose for their visit. It must send out automatic appointment reminders via text or email to decrease no-shows and confirm better collections. However, you need to ensure that you are comfortable with the platform’s scheduling features. The EMR platform should make it easy for users to quickly and expertly record and access patient history when required. That is, it should let providers capture, review, as well as manage medical procedural/surgical, family, and social history, including the relevant positive and negative accounts, patient-reported or externally available .
25 Suzami Tech
Contact: Ms Shradha Singh
Head of Sales and Growth
Email:[email protected], [email protected]
launching AI on telephony which will make business easy to access via network calling. We’re also trying to develop Sodium [Na], an artificial generic intelligence.

We’re upgrading and boosting our current range of products with text, voice and vernacular capabilities and analyse moods, emotions and context
26 TechieNest Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr. Saurabh Kumar Sharma
Email:[email protected]
  • Online Latest Tech Learning Eco-system LnBCore
  • IraTrack - an online water meter solution
  • Automation product for cooler industries
  • Sensor technology for automotive industry
  • Wireless IoT device for health monitoring for machines
  • IoT Applications
  • IoT Cloud, Edge and Security Systems
27 Noesis Learning Pvt. Ltd
Contact: Pallavi Singla
Founder & Director
Email:[email protected]
  • Automated Assessment engine
  • Unlimited Live classes with a hybrid learning environment (Offline and online at the same time & Faculty controlled live environment)
  • Doubt Forum
  • Create and share study material
  • Organized NEP enabled curriculum process
  • Digitized Assignment Process
  • Seamless students onboarding
28 Ishanya Innovations Pvt. Ltd
Contact: Mr Timir Shah
Email:[email protected]
ICT,IT,ITES,IOT,SMART NETWORKING,AI,ML,DL,NLP AS Platform for variety of Concepts with Customised End level solutions for Different Verticals.
  • Smart Warehouse – Intelligent warehouse solution for automated Inventory management, Tracking, People Management and tracking with Safety and Security in Smart Manner
  • Smart Toll & Parking –Automated Toll & Parking Management
  • Smart BMS - Intelligent Building Management system
  • Smart RFID – People, Assets, Guest, Patient, Student Management etc.
  • Smart Security – intelligent surveillance & Security Solutions with AI/ML based different Video Analytics
  • Smart Automation - Smart Infrastructure Automation (Factory/Building/Port/Commercial and Industrial Zone or Park, etc.)
  • Smart Infrastructure – IT/IOT/ICT/ITES enabled Infrastructure Solutions
  • Smart Network - Network & Communication (Data/Voice/Video)with FTTH and MDTH Technology for Smart Buildings/Hospitals/Education institutes or any Infrastructure.
  • Smart Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Solutions (Building/Campus/City) with revenue , Technology Zigbee/Zwave/LoRa/Orion/BLE/ with Different Types of Networking Terminology for different Turnkey Solutions and concepts for End level Solutions.
  • Smart Services -Infrastructure Management Services
Smart Education : Smart Classroom, Smart Student , Smart Canteen , Smart Library , Smart Logistics, Smart Building
29 Imaginnovate TechSolutions (India) Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr Tirumala Rao Tripurana
Sr Project Manager
Email:[email protected]
FleetEnable product to be launched to offer end to end digital solution on Transportation and logistics.
Email:[email protected]
Digitization & Business Analytics related to Fin Tech and Legal data
31 Cerebra Sciences Private Limited
Contact: Mr. Dheeraj M Nayak
Co founder
Email:[email protected]
The mobile app is scheduled to launch in June 2021 and the Wearable device in Jan 2022. We currently have the prototype of the hardware.
32 Datalyca Technologies private limited
Contact: Mr Karunakar Reddy R
Email:[email protected]
Envisioned to provide player performance data along with improvement area. Product is meant for academies and helps players to consistently improve in training camps.
33 Divsoft Solutions India Private Limited
Contact: Sumanta Sen (Mr.)
Sr. Manager, HR & Operation
Email:[email protected]
At present we are working on Structural Health Monitoring. The inspection of bridges, reservoirs, etc. is mainly done manually nowadays. Therefore, the condition of the structure is examined from the surface and the quality of interpretation and assessment is based on the level of experience of the engineers performing this analysis. Our solution is artificial intelligence-based data analysis using multi-sensors and computer vision, which provide data from the inside of a structure to better understand its structural performance and to predict its durability and remaining lifetime. By using this solution, monitoring of large structures becomes very efficient and scalable.
34 Flair IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr Saurabh Bhandari
Email:[email protected]
We are about to launch a full service healthbot which would revolutionize healthcare communication and record keeping
Contact: mr Nitile gupta
Email:[email protected]
36 Ketiot Infosystem Private Limited opc
Contact: Mr Ashish Singh
Email:[email protected]
Smart hospitality, Smart city
37 Newput Infotech Pvt Ltd
Contact: Mr Awanish Tiwari
Email:[email protected]
A very innovative and a friction less approach for a reader to get quality comics. Daily comics for your phone! Instead of reading in a zigzag order, read comics by scrolling up and down. Your coffee breaks just got more interesting!
Most popular comic houses are exclusively launching comics on this platform
Email:[email protected]
APIOps is Our flagship Platform Automation Product for Managing Anypoint Platform for Enterprises.It helps customers to reduce onboarding and development time.

NJC Innovation Labs is our integration R&D solution, helping customers with solution accelerators, digital transformation system architecture strategies to quickly build application networks with API Led connectivity
39 SmartSense Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Anand Tanna
Co-Founder & Head Business Development
Email:[email protected]
Doo - Next Generation smartHome and smartOffice solution.
Email:[email protected]
INTELLIGENT RFID LOCKER AND ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM. This product allows, both, static as well as dynamic (hot) allocation of lockers. It results in saving of cost as well as space. The system also optionally supports finger print and facial recognition. User-friendly and insightful reports are available as MIS. A colour TFT LCD offers an intuitive User Interface
41 Videonetics Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Jaya Ghosh
Marcom Manager
Email:[email protected], [email protected]
Videonetics Intelligent VMS 3.0 delivers unified, next generation user interface, military-grade security, rugged with unprecedented levels of high availability and a future ready solution, for any size of deployment. It analyses the attributes of servers, storage, network communication and other associated devices, with its AI algorithms in real time, and intelligently uses the capability of those devices to offer a fault-tolerant, fail-safe, responsive and rugged system for video management. It handles cybersecurity threats with its multi-pronged security measures to ensure users’ data privacy, security, and data integrity.
Contact: Mr Uday Kiran Chaka
Email:[email protected]
pSafety-COVID: Detecting COVID compliance for mask-wearing, social distancing and cleaning protocols
pMonitor-Retail: People counts, dwell time heat maps, open/close times, location analytics
dMonitor: Traffic congestion, parking space utilization, forest fires & smoke tracking.
43 IndosoftConsultants
Contact: Kiran Sagar Potdar
Sr Developer
Email:[email protected]
Mobile App for Credit Society’s Members/Customer which provide all banking services
44 Abstech Services Pvt. Ltd.
Contact: Bishnu Dash
Sr Manager
Email:[email protected], [email protected]
WOTS: Worker Tracking System
A comprehensive application designed for manufacturing organizations to engage their plant workers in a more proactive manner. With live monitoring and tracking mechanism in place, an Organization can track the productivity of the workers and accelerate continuous operational improvement initiatives, and boost the workplace safety of their shop floors.
45 Reality-Bit Pvt Ltd
Contact: Ms Suman Sharma
Email:[email protected]
Bit-VR :
Bit-VR helps avoid the hassle and stress that most Realtor’s undertake when selling a property by offering state-of-the-art Real Estate Virtual Tours. Bit-VR Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate allow the user to do complete walk through of the property, Bit-VR showcase goes far beyond your standard 360 tour, it’s the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online and enables viewers to feel like they’re really there.
Our project is committed to bring public together in achieving this goal. We have created an app that motivates the public in a fun way to be engaged in community to do plantation and maintain the same. Not only plantation but preserving these trees is equally important. The same is achieved through simple alerts and group activities that is developed in the app. How to plant different varieties of seeds and what nutrition is required and when it is required, is easily visible to the users. Going ahead the app would allow small farmers and societies to sell the compost they create to the users.
46 InTimeTec Visionsoft Private Limited
Contact: Shubhankar Sharma
Software Services Sales -Country
Manager (India)
Email: [email protected]
Cartos Product- Cartos is a cloud-based fleet design and asset utilization tool for Managed Print Service (MPS) providers. Cartos allows MPS providers to optimize sites, gain more control on print services and provide more efficient costs, maintenance and resource utilization.

HP Workpath Apps- Under the Workpath Services we are building different Workpath applications for link enabled HP Printers, based on the requests from different clients.
Email: [email protected]
PROMAINT – An Asset Management & Maintenance System Promaint is a best-in-class CMMS (Maintenance Management) & Enterprise Asset Management Software which helps you to keep your assets alive by managing, tracking, scheduling services and keeping you well informed in advance about the status of your assets. Promaint enables you to get better visibility of asset condition along with intuitive insights into your maintenance activities.
48 Systematix Infotech
Contact: Ms Sunita Kishnani
Chief Marketing Officer
Email: [email protected]
2a. Cost-IT-Right – Intelligent Cost Estimation and Cost Control Application for Automotive and Engineering Manufacturers
Cost IT Right is a costing intelligence application designed to meet the operational needs of material costing and strategic sourcing, bringing meaningful change in the complete ecosystem through automation.
Cost IT Right helps engineering manufacturers achieve real-time cost data analysis for real-time decision making. The functional aspects of the application integrate and automate major operations including – estimation from raw material through conversion on ZBC and VBC, logistics, inventory carrying and other cost computing to final costing, costing simulation for impact analysis, approval workflow, vendor portal, reports and analytics.

2b. Workshots – An Employee and Remote Teams Time and Productivity Tracking App
Workshots is an advanced employee time and productivity tracking application. Workshots lets you easily and efficiently track time and cost of your human capital and provides you with attendance, time-sheets, daily work summary along with automatic intermittent screenshots, project costing and task status in a powerful reports and dashboards.
You can start instantly with Workshots which is a cloud hosted application available on pay per user per month model. Measure performance of your team and let them be more organized, efficient and productive.

2c. Profitley – B2B ordering and Order Management App
Profitley is a SaaS based ordering and order management application specifically designed for B2B Sellers and/or distributors to enable digital sales. The application is a cross functional app that means distributors, their salespersons and retailers use the same application with role-based access. Salesperson takes digital orders whenever visiting assigned retailers. They can also check retailer’s receivables and make collections. Retailers can also order on the app using the rich product catalogue having images and description of products. They can also check order status, pending orders, new arrivals, promotions and more. Distributor gets to see entire operations in real time and use this digital data on a dashboard such as Top sellers by value and by product, orders in process, sales team’s performance, newly added retailers and retailers who have not ordered recently- to help them focus on growth of their business. Profitley is custom branded with your business’s logo so that your B2B buyer continue to feel associated with your brand. Profitley is available for both manufacturers as well as distributors for automating secondary sales channel.

2e. 4Cliqs – Field Force monitoring and Expense Management App Get 4 essential Sales and Service data from your “feet-on-street” using 4Cliqs. This GPS based field force monitoring help lets you manage your field teams, their daily activities, expenses easily for accurate sales planning and expense claims. It is a cloud application available on pay per user per month model. 4 essentials data includes-
1- Real-time Location Tracking of your field force
2- Detailed Field Activity Report
3- Expense Claims and Management (Based on actual travel captured by the app)
4- Attendance Management from Field location (captures actual GPS coordinates)
Contact: Mr. Mayank Maitreya
President Sales
Email: [email protected]

Shanaya’s built-in marketing tools mean you can simply and effectively plan, budget, execute, analyze and optimize all aspects of marketing, ensuring you spend your marketing budget wisely and directing resources to initiatives that generate proven returns.

Shanaya CRM : Our CRM solutions come fully loaded with the core Sales, Marketing and Service functionality companies need to optimize sales productivity, accelerate marketing and improve customer service. With flexible on-premise, our cloud and your cloud deployment option, tailored-to-fit flexibility, state-of-the art security infrastructure, industry- specific editions and anywhere/anytime mobile access, Shanaya is the affordable CRM solution of choice.

Shanaya ERP: Instead of individual operations for each department, Shanaya ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system binds them together so all data can be accessed in one place under the single platform.
Provides Integration with your customer resource management (CRM) platform or content management system (CMS), truly bringing all functions under the umbrella of a single platform.Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology.

The ERP system integrates varied organizational systems and facilitates error-free transactions and production, thereby enhancing the organization's efficiency.

50 Radius EduTech
Contact: Mr Nagamallika Valluru
Email:[email protected]
Radius Exam Portal.
51 Supreme innovations
Contact: Samarjeet Jadhav
Email:[email protected]
Hospital Information system
52 RMgX Technologies
Contact: Vishal Agarwal
Email:[email protected]
Briso Exams: Advanced Automated Proctoring solution; Uses face recognition and OCR to do completely automated identity authentication. Alerts any suspicious behaviour during an exam session. Records all alerts with image snapshots with timestamps.

Briso Ads: Real-time background replacement to monetize advertisement during a live stream.
Briso Monitoring: Back-to-work safety solution; How to keep your people safe in a constantly changing environment and mitigate the risks they face if they return to work and/or campus.
Dubflix: AI-enabled entertainment app to voice dub and visually recast yourself in A/V snippets
Email:[email protected] is a Web Based SaaS targeted towards Web Developers. It allows logging and tracking of any JavaScript errors encountered by end users and report them back to the developers of the web site / application
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]
Collaboration platform to communicate between any two or multiple demand and supply