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New Launches Of IT Product AT indiasoft 2021

Sr. No. Company Name Product Name
1 Nippon Data Systems Ltd SIMPPLIFY” – a complete supplier network management solution. The solution cover entire transactions with Suppliers from Budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies and provide Auction and Reverse Auction functionality as well.  The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense it provides integration with your back-end ERP and other software applications where required to make the interaction with Supplier completely seamless.  However, all transactions like Requisitions, Purchase order, PO acceptance, Supplies, Supplier invoicing, etc. can also be managed entirely or selectively on SIMPPLIFY platform also and selectively integrated with back-end system as required by Buyer.   We are sure that Nippon Data will be able to contribute significantly to your efforts on systems and process improvement front.  
2 RADOME TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES PVT. LTD   Pro HM - It listens to your critical assets as it needs more care and AI does it the best. Improve your bottom line by using our ProHM+ - Asset Health Monitoring tool driven by Machine Learning to gather the insight and predict the remaining usefull life of the product. our product Improves the reliability of the system by detecting any signs of a possible malfunction and prevents any potential failures
3 Checkbox Technology   PRODUCTS
  • Meeting Minutes (MM) Global Video/Audio/Text meeting platform with an emphasis on productive meetings with tracking and follow ups.
  • Virtual Study (VS)-Online Class/lecture room platform interacting between the principal, teacher, student, and parents with assignments, evaluation, and marking
  • Warranty Service Portal (WaSP)- Warranty & Service management tool for consumer durable service and manufacturing companies.
  • GUAGE- A Sporting Event Ranking & Evaluation Tool for Sports Governing Bodies with KPI based analytics social/economic/sporting/demographic event-related developments.
  • Contactless Attendance and location tracker

  • Customized Software Application/Solutions Design & Development
  • Technology Consultancy for Software Projects
  • We also provide Technical resources both for Onsite and Offsite locations
  • We provide Software Testing (QA) services.
4 AM Webtech Pvt. Ltd   Trial Pits: Trial Pits is a photo-sharing platform for utility companies that allows field staff to share site information securely between the site and office effortlessly to enhance Client / Contractor relationships for civil contractors by displaying the photos on an interactive live map of your geographical boundaries. =====================================================
Document Translator: The translator is a multilingual neural machine translation service developed to translate text from one language into another. You will be able to translate words or phrases from one language to another. How is it different from Google Translator and other translating modes? - This Translator does not save the data in the background, it means your data/ document is completely safe, it will give the results in real-time. For highly confidential contracts enterprise companies and organizations can rely on translators without compromising the privacy.
5 skyniche IBSS Cloud Call Center Software: Designed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Integrate with or replace your existing contact centre technology.
Restaurant Automation Software: Restaurant Automation Software helps to manage restaurant billing, inventory tracking, recipe management, kitchen order taking, free accounting, table layout, call order management & more, in the form of complete business automation solutions paired with mobile apps and cloud solutions, our technological footprint has grown to benefit of 1000+ restaurant businesses across 20+ countries.
Virtual Tradeshow Software: Leverage an amazing virtual space for your biggest trade show yet, with customizable exhibitor booths, on-demand content, chat, calls, video calls, SMS, WhatsApp and convenient online order system.
Warehouse Management Software (WMS): WMS solution is an ideal cloud-based and integrated warehouse management system software for storage facilities, transportation firms and logistics organizations that deal in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing. 
6 EVEREST InfraonBot (Chat Bot), InfraonSecuRA ( Remote access) and InfraonAsset (Asset Management) are going to be launched.
7 WORLD 1 SOLUTIONS Virtual CIO" - Part-time CIO services to initiate and lead the organisation to transform strategic use of IT tools, i.e., IoT/ Industry 4.0, business modernisation with mobile app, process re-engineering/ semi-automation with ERP, etc.

Project examples:

  • Remote monitoring & predictive maintenance for factory machinery comprising of machines of different make and models such as GE, Fanuc, Siemens etc, i.e., with Fanuc MT-LINKi, etc.
  • Semi-automation of MRP (material resource planning) and logistics/ inventory management, i.e., with WORLD1 BizNext, etc.
  • Integrated knowledge management, including material, facilities, jigs/ tools & manual works, etc. for service parts supply, i.e., with WORLD1 BizNext, etc.
  • BizNext - A very powerful and robust ERP System built on World’s most popular open source.
  • specialized and dedicated team to migrate to new technologies.
  • Developed by people having more than 15 years of development experience of working on latest technologies and supported by people having long experience on ERP products.
  • Ready to be deployed on In-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure. Also, can work offline for some of transactions.
  • Most of features are web based, so it’s easy to operate from anywhere. Required features can be brought on Mobile platform like Android and iOS.

Ready to be integrated with any third-party application.
8 Fi-es Systems Pvt Ltd is an extremely user friendly web based peoples platform for people to simplify the way they interact with Internet and be productive. It also can be said as a Powerful Next Generation Cloud Application platform where businesses can use applications to manage their business and offer various services to people on the platform. It has been designed to work on any device keeping in mind over 4 billion internet users, their culture, various businesses and the things that need to be connected to internet.  
  • Ekklavya’s Robotic Process Automation BOTS: We can customize RPA, for your organization and increase efficiency and compliance.
  • Ekklavya’s Employee Monitoring and Evaluation System: Track working hours at a granular level based on time spent on specific processes to gain insights into employee productivity patterns
  • Ekklavya’s Human Resource & Payroll eXecutive solution: Covers all HR, Payroll, Finance and Admin functions.
  • Ekklavya’s Assets, Inventory and Maintenance solution linked with Budgets
  • Ekklavya’s Local Mailing, Dynamic Workflow & File Management of Documents

Ekklavya’s C’lai: Tailor-Made customized software applications
10 BUSY Infotech Pvt Ltd BUSY 21 (New Release of BUSY Accounting Software)
11 ANMsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • E-Commerce Subscription Based Solution
  • Travel Accounting Subscription Based Solution

Online Commodity Trading Platform: Online Commodity Trading System is a one stop solution catering to spot markets where production is completed & delivery is immediate. The automation provides access to market and fair price discovery of quality produce, encouraging the local supply chain expand to global market. The system caters to the complete trade cycle, from membership & catalogue management, auction automation, business management to market analytics & insights.

Automated Seed Certification System: Seed Certification System ensures greater operational autonomy and transparency through a centrally managed, end- to- end certification system. It brings in ease in various aspects of the process and makes information easily available to the key stakeholders, to ensure timely compliance to the certification process. This System helps preservation of genetic purity and identity of seeds.


Octaware Telemedicine App (A platform to receive Medical services through Teleconsultation anytime, anywhere)
Aim: Primary Objective to help citizen to consult doctor through audio/Video through Teleconsultation Mobile App. This will reduce patient panic situations and avoid contact during traveling or visiting doctors during a pandemic. Octaware has decided to release the Teleconsultation Mobile APP which is a need of an hour during a pandemic.

Mobile/Web App:

  1. Screening and Evaluation as per WHO guidelines
  2. Teleconsultation
Working Model:
  1. Mobile App/Web App for the users (patients) would be available on the App store
  2. A doctor offering services to be registered to this APP. Medical doctors can choose time slots to be online to accept direct video calls or by appointment.
  3. Medical doctors can opt to offer their services with subsidized fees, voluntary, or full fees.
  4. Post- Pandemic, this app to be used as a normal Teleconsultation app. Patients can select doctors as per their need such as Eye specialists, ENT, etc.

Future Plan: The platform will be enhanced to scale to telemedicine to get connected with the medical devices and transfer data on the cloud for further processing. The next phase will be taken it forward to have complete end-to-end Telemedicine services for Public, primary health care & government hospitals.

  1. Power ERM (Employee Relationship Management) – Registered
  2. Hospice (Hospital Management System) – Registered
  3. Research Paper on COVID-19 Telemedicine Application published in “American Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing Practice
  4. iOnAsset- An Automated Asset Tracking and Management System- Registered
  5. Social Media Relationship Tagging With Viral Network- Applied (Pending for approval)
Air-Venti- Registered