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indiasoft 23 rd edition


The year 2022 has been a kickstart for all tech firms. It’s just the seventh month of the year and reportedly 19 startups have entered the unicorn phase. This brings the total number of Indian IT businesses that have ever joined the unicorn club to 105. These 105 Indian unicorns have raised more than $93.4 billion in investment so far and are collectively valued at over $340 billion. It is said that India is poised to have 250+ unicorns by 2025. even though there are a lot of techies who are failing to reach the market or failing to establish their firm and remaining in one corner of the office. It will be really depressing to be in one corner with dreams of reaching the top of the world.




India Soft was established in 2001 with the aim of decreasing the gap between the dreamers and reaching the market and acting as a bridge. India Soft has evolved as a popular gathering place for Indian technology creators and worldwide users. With over 1000 IT and IT businesses coming to meet and engage, the show highlights the skills of the Indian software and tech industry. With a significant number of foreign attendees, the show offers several chances to make commercial connections, distribute first-hand knowledge about the newest technologies, and contribute to the development of a lively and dynamic tech world.


India soft focused sectors are AI, robotics, Smart Manufacturing, Big Data Analytics, Fintech, Blockchain, Health, IT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Agritech, Animation/ Films/ Gaming/ AR / VR, Software Development, Web & Mobile Apps, Electronics Hardware, IoT

Edutech, Security Electronics, LPO/ KPO/ BPO, Drones.


The most recent Indiasoft was a huge success, and it was the most successful IT expo in the world. India’s soft win in the coveted exhibition excellence award in the technology event category in 2022. The 22nd edition included around 30,000 people and 862 Indian exhibitors. The Indiasoft event had participants from 38 nations. The event created 115 million businesses, 33 new products have been launched, and the establishment of 100 enterprises has been completed. More senior government officials attended and spoke at the occasion. Foreign delegates have shared their experiences and stated that this is the finest event they have ever attended.


India Soft is launching its 23rd edition on the 27-28th of March 2023 in New Delhi with more delegates and investors, which will create boundless opportunities for the exhibitors. The registrations have already begun.


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