Foreign Delegates

Foreign Buyer Details

Sr. No. County Person Name Business Interest
1 AUSTRALIA Mr Ashutosh Raina (Founder / Director) Customised Application Development Partnerships, Educational eLearning Software Suites and/or other niche products for Go-To-Market (GTM), Event and Ticket Management Software Solutions, Digital Advertising Solutions, Media & Publishing Solutions, Industrial Automation Solutions, Mobile App Development for small and medium enterprises
2 MAURITIUS Ms. KESAVALLEE OOTHENDEE Director Tracking System, CRM, Stock Control, Merchandising, Cashier Software, bar code system , Accounting, Human Resources, Trustees management., Franchise Software we can commercialize with license, Application software for manufacturing factories (Textile, mechanical or agriculture), IOT application concept for corporate office usage like communication between office devices to reduce energy efficiency. ,Embedded software for corporate office equipment of office reducing Wastage in manual operation, Technologies to secure company data during intercommunication and tools for protecting company intellectual property from spy, Innovative Clouds service Innovation packages from India for corporate Business, Business Operational Apps/website and online shopping website with payment security integrated with social media services.
3 TUNISIA Mr. FATTEH HELMITechnical Director Computer Aided Design (CAD) (such as Autodesk/Autocad). Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) (such as Graitec/Arche, Effel,Melody…), Enterprises Information System Security Softwares.
4 BRAZIL Mr. PAULO BRUNO BLODORN Specialized Software For The Finance, Insurance And Healthcare Sectors, Custom Made Equipment For Remote Document Capture And Solutions For The Finance And Healthcare Sectors. File Protection And Transfer Encryption Technologies, Mobile App Development.