Primary Product: CranberryWare
CranberryWare is a powerful suite of OpenSource tools designed
specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Developed by
NetTantra, the suite includes three modules that enable businesses to
better manage their operations and increase productivity: Attendance and
Leave Management, Employee Assessment, and Asset Tracking.
The Attendance and Leave Management module is designed to simplify the
process of tracking employee attendance and managing leave requests.
With features such as real-time attendance tracking, automated leave
requests and approvals, and detailed reporting and analytics, businesses
can easily manage their workforce and ensure that they are meeting their
attendance and leave policies.
The Employee Assessment module is a comprehensive tool for evaluating
employee performance. The module includes a range of assessment tools,
such as self-assessment forms, 360-degree feedback surveys, and
goal-setting features, allowing businesses to identify areas where
employees may need improvement. With detailed reporting and analytics,
businesses can track employee progress over time and make data-driven
The Asset Tracking module enables businesses to track and manage their
physical assets, such as equipment, vehicles, and machinery. The module
provides real-time tracking and monitoring, enabling businesses to easily
locate and manage their assets, as well as detailed reporting and analytics
to help businesses optimize their asset management practices.
Overall, CranberryWare is an essential suite of tools for any small or
medium-sized business looking to streamline their operations and increase
productivity. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface,
businesses can easily manage attendance and leave, assess employee
performance, and track their assets, ultimately leading to improved
efficiency and profitability.