Convex CRM :

Convex CRM is a well-known CRM software that was created for professionals and enterprises in order to improve client-customer relationships in a multi-environment and busy world.

It offers a quick and easy way to monitor, engage, and grow business partnerships. It is beneficial to consolidate communications and clients into a single platform for easy comprehension.

Convex CRM tracks and analyses every interaction and communication we have with our customers and clients.

This essentially offers a business a centralized pool that ensures the ease, security, and scalability of client contacts.

Convex vZit: Convex vZit provides a modern visitor management system with sleek kiosk sign-in and smart security. Streamline visitor registration and keep your workplace secure. Convex vZit helps companies use a digital system to register, track guests entering their facilities, and invite guests. Convex vZit’s efficiency, security, and personalization enhance the visitor experience. Convex vZit also defends your workplace against security threats by requiring digital registration.