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19th to 21st March 2025

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Unleash your tech potential at INDIASOFT 2025. Network with global tech leaders, and find the perfect tech solutions for your business.

Indiasoft is a premier global networking international IT event that has been hosted consecutively since 2001. It serves as a meeting point for global tech players and users, showcasing the prowess of the software and tech industry

The event attracts over 1500 IT and tech companies and a significant number of international delegates. It provides an excellent platform for industry leaders to interact with potential buyers from across the globe, fostering business alliances, and disseminating firsthand information on cutting-edge innovations

Indiasoft is helping global companies grow in several ways:

  • Showcasing Innovations: Indiasoft allows global companies to launch new and innovative technologies to the Indian market and the visiting global market
  •  Global Networking: The event provides an opportunity to connect with visiting buyers and delegates from over 80 countries
  • Business Alliances: Indiasoft serves as a platform to foster business alliances
  • Market Exposure: The event gives global companies exposure to the Indian market, which is a substantial IT spender with increased government spending on IT infrastructure and new projects 
  • Knowledge Sharing: Indiasoft contributes to the development of a thriving and dynamic tech landscape by sharing knowledge about the latest trends and innovations

The 2024 edition of Indiasoft was well attended by exhibitors from various countries, including the United States, UK, France, Czech Republic, South Korea, Hong Kong, Cuba, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Japan, Armenia, and more. This shows the global reach and impact of Indiasoft in helping global companies grow.

Specific Targeted Sectors

INDIASOFT is an avenue to source innovative products & services in sectors including Health tech, BFSI, Agritech,  Edutech and many more.

India: Catalyst of Global Growth

India’s rapid ascent has positioned it as a global growth engine, serving as a beacon for the rest of the world. Currently the world’s fifth-largest economy, projections indicate that India is poised to claim the third spot by 2030. Anticipated to reach a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025-26 and USD 7 trillion by 2030, India leads globally in producing unicorns, with over 100 valued at an impressive USD 332.7 billion.

The Indian electronics hardware industry is swiftly emerging as a pivotal manufacturing hub, driven by cost-competitive research and development, as well as labor costs. The global perspective on India has shifted, recognizing it as not only a manufacturing hub but also a lucrative end-user market.

India’s IT sector has played a pivotal role in placing the country on the world stage. Credit is attributed to the astute business practices of the Indian IT industry and the dedicated professionals steering its success. In the era of widespread digitalization across sectors, India’s IT industry has the potential to foster mutually beneficial synergies, contributing to global growth. As India cements its position as a global leader in IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO), it is steadily progressing toward becoming the world’s foremost IT software manufacturer.

Currently, India serves as the driving force of growth and is the favored investment destination for global businesses.

    • Abundant natural and human resources
    • Large, youthful population driving a growing consumer base
    • Stable democratic governance structure
    • Robust institutional framework ensuring transparency and efficiency
    • Supportive and stable policy environment
    • Strong focus on infrastructure development
    • Conducive business environment with special investment privileges


Consecutively hosted since 2001, INDIASOFT has evolved into a premier meeting point for Indian tech developers and global consumers alike. With a gathering of over 1500 IT and tech companies, the event highlights the prowess of the Indian software and tech industry.

Attracting a significant number of international delegates, the show serves as a platform to foster business alliances, disseminate firsthand information on cutting-edge innovations, and contribute to the development of a thriving and dynamic tech landscape.

Specific Targeted Arenas

INDIASOFT is an avenue to source innovative products & services in sectors including Health tech, BFSI, Agritech,  Edutech and many more.

17-19 January, 2024

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