LIST OF NOMINEES (Foreign Delegates)

S no.CountryName of the DelegateBusiness Interest
1ArgentinaMr. Federico Walas MateoSolutions for industrial digitalization in general
RFID/Beacons for tracing products in shopfloor, logistics
ML/AI solutions to be used in industrial processes
Blockchain solutions to certify CO2 emissions/quality/logistics
IIoT platforms/arquitecture solutions
2AzerbaijanMr. AnarWe are looking for business networking n cooperation with various indian companies
3AzerbaijanMr. ElmirTo get to know many different Indian manufactures, doing partnership, participating in conferences and etc.
4AzerbaijanMr. IlkinTo participate in b2b meetings, get know the products and make partnership with suitable companies from India.
5AzerbaijanMr. JavidTo meet with foreign companies and start negotiation.
6AzerbaijanMr. KamranPartnership, networking, meeting new visitor and exhibitor companies.
7AzerbaijanMr. SamirTo meet new companies, technologies from all over the world. Negotiation.
8BangladeshMr. Khaled SaifullahIOT
9BangladeshMr. S M Moshiur
Live TV & VOD Streaming Solution
TiCON can provide High stable and best performance video streaming solution which features live Streaming, On Demand Video, Multisite Management, Event Broadcasting etc.

Web Development
Counted among trusted web development companies in Bangladesh and South Korea, we provide end-to-end web development services to our clients spreading all across the globe.

Software Development
Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions

App Development
As a trusted mobile app development company in Bangladesh and South Korea, we leads the industry in the creation and delivery of native applications as well as perfect development partner for rapid-growth startups and leading enterprises.

Enterprise Application Integration
We help companies to support and refine high-level business processes that involve different departments, applications and data sources which require straight-through processing, seamless data interchange and integrated business rules execution.

Software Product Development
TiCON is a full-cycle software product development (SPD) service provider and supports you at any stage of your product evolution – from a simple idea to product implementation, support and maintenance.
11BrazilMs. Karen Assami da Costa
As CEO at TerraLogs, I am looking for solutions that I can implement to improve my company. Agtechs and fintechs are my interesnting. However, I am open to knowing the new sources that other countries are developing, so I can buy or propose a partnership in Brazil.
12CambodiaMr. BunheangIT Solutions and Service
13CambodiaMs. KIM ChanthouIT Solutions and Services.
14CubaMs. Adriana Barcas Guizán
1. Connect with international innovation ecosystems in search of alliance opportunities in terms of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, blockchain technology and cyber security, FinTech, HealthTech, EduTech, AgriTech.
2. Explore possible joint projects aimed at the development of the software industry in Cuba using the capabilities and expertise of the development groups of the University of Havana.
3. Hold bilateral meetings with previously identified companies.
15CubaMr. Armando José Estévez Alonso
Industry 4.0: IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Measurements, Digital Twins.
Logistics 4.0: Traceability, RFID, Blockchain, Transport optimization, Real-time tracking.
Metrology 4.0: Digital certificates, Advanced metrological assurance, Inspection and non-destructive testing services to other countries.
16CubaMs. Milagros Montalvo FranquizIndustry 4.0: IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Measurements, Digital Twins.
Logistics 4.0: Traceability, RFID, Blockchain, Transport optimization, Real-time tracking.
Metrology 4.0: Digital certificates, Advanced metrological assurance, Inspection and non-destructive testing services.
17Dominican RepublicMr. Miguel Alejandro Benitez ParedesPower Production, services, IT
18EgyptDr. Abdelhamid Sabaelregal AbdelhamidSolar Energy
Telecom and Broadcasting Equipment
19EthiopiaMr. Ahmed mohammed yesufEducation training equipment
20EthiopiaMr. Baheru ZeyenuIOT, Blockchain, AI and Smart City
21EthiopiaMr. Belete Timerga Chere
Our company is looking for to import and be partner with different IT companies for the different IT products and services. Here below are some of the IT products and services that our company want to consider:
1. Hardware and software support
2. Network infrastructure management
3. Network security
4. Mobile device management
5. Cloud services
6. Cybersecurity
7. Data storage and management
8. IT consulting
9. Backup solutions
10. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
11. Project management services
12. Product development services
13. Managed network services
14. Software support services
15. IT help desk services
16. Hardware support services
17. Private cloud hosting services
22EthiopiaMr. Gizaw Tsegaye Amare
ERP, customer management system, Task tracking dashboard system, HRMS, EDMS (electronic document management system), datacenter facility management system, Crime record management information system, CCTV system, letter management system, visitor management system,
23EthiopiaDr. Habtamu Mohammed Birhanie Artificial Intelligence
Digital Marketing and Branding Options
Software/ Automated Systems Options
E-commerce Platform Development
Electronic Gadgets
Data security
Data backup
Tracking software
Fleet management
24EthiopiaMs. Kalewongel AyeleIT products and create relationship with suppliers.
25EthiopiaMr. Mulu Araya Gebreyesus

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my interest in visiting the upcoming ICT and laboratory exhibition, which I believe will be a great opportunity to learn and explore the latest advancements in these fields.

As CEO, I understand the importance of staying updated with the latest technologies and innovations, especially in the rapidly evolving world of information and communication technology. This exhibition, known for showcasing cutting-edge equipment and solutions, would undoubtedly provide valuable insights that can greatly benefit my profession and contribute to my personal growth.

Additionally, the laboratory section of the exhibition holds great significance for me. Having a strong passion for scientific and technological advancements, exploring the latest laboratory equipment and techniques would not only broaden my knowledge but also enhance my abilities in my field of expertise.

I kindly request your support in granting me the opportunity to attend this exhibition. I assure you, the knowledge and experiences gained from this event will be actively shared within my professional network and put to good use in my work.

I understand that there may be certain formalities and requirements to be fulfilled for participation. Please let me know about any necessary steps or documentation that I would need to complete to ensure my attendance.

Thank you for considering my request. I am eagerly looking forward to the exhibition and the opportunity to learn and network with industry professionals. Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

MULU Araya
26EthiopiaMr. Nurhussien Yimer Kebede• IT Enabled Services
• Consumer Electronics
• Smart Manufacturing
• Smart city and building
• Smart energy
• Smart electric vehicle parking
• Integrating Data center equipments and installation in construction sites
• Precast and prestressed products
• Smart eco construction solutions
27EthiopiaMr. Redae Tesfamariam GebremedhinSoftware solutions
28GhanaMr. David Larry ArthurAccounting softwares, programming of softwares and business partnerships
29GhanaMr. Emmanuel TrekuEvent Management Technology and Solutions

E- tourism Solutions

ERPs for tourism, hospitality and leisure industry .
30GhanaMr. Francis
1 To make purchase decisions based on contract signed
2.To.source for other materials of interest in the IT ,telecom and construction electronic locks,IT hardwares ,security hardware and more
3To represent a brand
31GhanaMs. Hadizatu GaribaAnimation/ Films/ Gaming/ AR / VR
Software Development
Web & Mobile Apps
Electronics Hardware
Security Electronics
32GhanaMr. Huudu Bash Ahmed AdnanArtificial Intelligence
Robotics Process Automation
Smart Manufacturing
Big Data Analytics
Health IT
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Solar Energy
33IndonesiaMr. Sameer SethDigital Transformation Solutions
Mobile Content Services
Digital Advertising
34JapanMr. Aman435345
36KenyaMr. Dismas MANIRAKIZACore banking solution, Record management system, ERP,etc.
37KenyaMr. Douglas Ogal Ogila
Sourcing for IT solutions in the tourism, healthcare and housing sectors in terms of access to facilities, hospital management systems, electronic record keeping solutions.
38KenyaMr. Edwin Keverenge
1) we would like to source Hardware specifically POS devices which we integrate with our local mobile money patyment system called MPESA and use to process payments from client mobile money wallets. we already have the solution deployed in the Transport sector and we currently source our POS devices from China, Yiwu
2) we also would like partnership-s with IT companies in India to be able to source Hospital Management Information System (HMIS). there is a huge market potential from the government and private hospitals for automation of their processes
39KenyaMr. Kenneth
Wants to source for turnkey solutions for schools, starting from elementary to tertiary education now that they are being rolled out en masse in Kenya.
They will require the turkey solutions for training purposes, hence, we want to position ourselves strategically so serve these institutions becoming an important priority for the current government.
40KenyaMr. Ochola Caleb Otieno
We are looking forward to advance our interests in Application software Middle ware, programming software proprietary software ,open source software
Because our major clients are hospitals , research institutions and universities , we try to leverage on health and research related software and programs .
We hope to strengthen our business scope and engagement with India in the coming years as we increase our customer base .
41KenyaDr. Ogila Tom Oduor
Looking forward to sourcing health IT systems that will assist in making inventory management for hospitals and to integrate hospital management system to one system.
As well as medical devices and equipment that are integrated with IT solutions to lower the cost of medical services.
42KenyaMr. Osemo Willis FarakhanDigital Marketing and Branding Options
Software/ Automated Systems Options
E-commerce Platform Development
ICT collaborations in spreading Digital Villages & Hubs in East and Cental Africa
43KenyaMs. Peninnah Chepkemei YegoToners
44KenyaDr. Thomas Mulakayi Mukuchecomputers, routers ,rtc
46NamibiaMr. Titus Hafeni Kayawala
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare2. Natural Language Processing - Design and developing Chatbots that have the potential to improve the efficiency of telehealth.3. Technologies that support Telemedicine and the Evolution of Remote Care: Cloud Hosting and Data Storage, WebRTC for Video Conferencing, 4. Technologies that support Extended Reality in Healthcare Settings: Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Healthcare5. IoT Technology and Wearables in Healthcare6. Technologies to support and improve Healthcare Privacy and Security7. Combined technology to support Organ Care Technology & Bioprinting
47NepalMr. Binod Kcna
48NigeriaMr. Amobi Benjamin OlisaElectronic Gadgets
Solar powered products
Communication accessories
49NigeriaMr. BALOGUN Morufu Owolabi
Latest learning aids and equipments to train our students in Electrical /Electronic Engineering classrooms and Laboratories on Electronics ( digital and analog), Telecommunication, Mechatronics and control Engineering specializations.

Updated training modules for computer Engineering and information technology.
50NigeriaMs. Bara Caroline IhechiIT products
51NigeriaDr. Bright Chimezie Irem
1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare
2. Natural Language Processing - Design and developing Chatbots that have the potential to improve the efficiency of telehealth.
3. Technologies that support Telemedicine and the Evolution of Remote Care: Cloud Hosting and Data Storage, WebRTC for Video Conferencing,
4. Technologies that support Extended Reality in Healthcare Settings: Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Healthcare
5. IoT Technology and Wearables in Healthcare
6. Technologies to support and improve Healthcare Privacy and Security
7. Combined technology to support Organ Care Technology & Bioprinting
52Nigeria_ EKUNDAYO Kehinde Rasaq
Laboratory and research training equipment on Mechatronics, Robotics & AI, industrial process & automation, electrical machines & control systems, electronics, mechanics, IoT and computing
53NigeriaMr. Eric Ezeji OkwudiliIT products such as computer engineering items etc
54NigeriaMr. Esimone Nickson ChukwudiImproved Software Solutions
Enhanced Campus wide internet connectivity
55NigeriaMr. Eze Chimgozirim UzochukwuINVERTER AND SOLAR POWERED PRODUCTS
56NigeriaMr. Obinna Chinedu AtuegwuElectronic Gadgets
IT and Communications
Solar powered products
inverter and solar panels
57NigeriaMr. Oduche Damian OnyeaghanaSoftware solution and enhancement of internet connectivity
58NigeriaMs. Oduche priscillia chinyereSoftwares for networking
59NigeriaMr. okonkwo osita Joseph
IT based for networking. Looking for company that into manufacturing or development of software that can handle files of various department of our university. Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka Anambra state Nigeria.
60NigeriaMr. Rasaq Sikiru OlajideSmart home software and educational gadget
61PanamaMr. Cesar WilliamsRobotics
62RwandaMr. Deogratius MassaweIT Products
IT Services
63Slovak RepublicMr. Gaurav ShuklaREDESIGN our wealth platform to integrate with Data Science , Cloud and AI Technologies
Also will be interested in services - supply-chain management, logistics, inventory using Cloud and AI Technologies
64South AfricaMr. Nishal Lankesariot, software products, point of sale, new products
66South AfricaMr. Ravi Shanker LachmanBlock chain, iot, new opportunity
67South AfricaMs. Veronica BosuSoftware
• Fintech Solutions
• Core Banking Solutions
• Payroll Solutions
• CRM Solutions
• AI Software
• Accounting Solutions

• IoT Devices
• POS Devices and Hardware
• DataCentre Servers
68TanzaniaMs. Agnes Peter MandwaCold chain monitoring and transmission also as resellers of temperature monitoring devices for medical reaserches
69TanzaniaMs. EsterI'm looking to find a software development partner and system integration hardware.
70TanzaniaMr. Fortunatus FrancisWireless internet solutions
71TanzaniaMr. Francis Kayange Makwaia Data security
Data back up
Tracking software
Fleet management
72TanzaniaMr. Fred Japhet Mussa
IT solution providers or managed services providers specialize in offering a wide range of services, including those related to Security Operations Center (SOC), Red Teaming, and various IT solutions.
74TanzaniaMr. Innocent Nicholaus LyatuuBlockchain and cryptocurrency
AI technologies
Trading and forex softwares
75TanzaniaMs. Irene Charles MdachiWe are looking at building relationship and sourcing
1. Security Systems and equipments
2. Human Resources Management Systems/softwares
3. Software developers for custom made solutions
5. iPads, Tablets & E-Readers
6. LAN connectivity equipments
7. Sound systems
76TanzaniaMs. JacquelineTo develop software on preventing mechanism on gender-based violence and violence against women in Tanzania
77TanzaniaMs. Jacqueline Johnson Kafanabo
To meet with different business owner to see how they could assist us( me & my employer) in different issues especially in technology. Currently we are facing a challenge of audit software which will suit our audit assignment. Apart from i will be happy if i could meet different vendors or businessmen who could show us their services especially in digital finance services.
78TanzaniaMs. Jane Kyando Kiunsi I need a software that will help me manage well properties.
79TanzaniaMr. Jonathan Masanja AndrewSoftware Development
Web & Mobile Apps
Cyber Security
E-commerce Platform Development
Internet Of Things
ERP Solutions
Cloud Computing
80TanzaniaMr. Paul Revocatus KaundaSmart Contract
Distributed Ledger Technologies
Web 3.0 (Metaverse)
81TanzaniaMs. Rosemarina William Jima1.Accounting systems
2. Human Resources management systems
3. Security Systems
4. School Management Systems
5. Computer hardwares
6. Communication channels (chatbots and SMS) to be interstates to existing systems via APIs
7. Intelligent sensors
8. Intelligent Cameras
9. POS hardwares
82TanzaniaMr. Selemani NgeniArtificial Intelligence
Smart Manufacturing
Health IT
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Solar Energy
Software development
83TanzaniaMs. Winfrida Jackson ShondeAccount system
84TogoMr. ADABADJI Yao MawuliAccounting software
85TogoMr. Adeleke AdedayoNew partnerships and Business opportunities in IT equipment.
86TogoMr. Adozouhoin Kokouda AgbessiNew partnership and New business opportunities.
87TogoMr. Agbo Kodjo AyetseArchiteture software
88TogoMr. Akpoto Segnigan Kossi MichelPartnership in various type of IT equipment, Telecom and cybersecurity.
89TogoMr. Akue Adovi SitouNew partnership, and new business opportunities
90TogoMr. Amah Awereou Pissinam RomainSOFTWARE IN MY DOMAIN
91TogoMr. AMEDONOU Ayité PaulAccounting software
92TogoMr. Amoussou Sena Comlanlinks with companies all over the world
93TogoMr. Aziaka KodjoNew partnerships and New business opportunities.
94TogoMr. Barboza RazakPartnerships, and IT solutions
95TogoMr. Coubageat-Toure Mohamed Abdel-MalikNew business orientations and business opportunities.
96TogoMr. Djiblewou MessanPartnerships and New business opportunities.
97TogoMr. Djobo Kamalou-DiniLooking for new partnership and new business integrate IT solution to our services
98TogoMs. Essiomley AblaviLooking for Partnerships and New business opportunities.
99TogoMr. Houedakor Dakitse Agbekoagriculture sofware
100TogoMr. Hountodji YaoviPharmacy software
101TogoMr. Lantey Cali-Ata-CombeyPartnership in software development. Partnership in Telecom and Networking
102TogoMr. Mable Yawo EdeMINE SOFTWARE
103TogoMs. Mamadou-Toure KarimatouNew business opportunities
104TogoMs. Maman Richalatou Nana-Mola
Looking for New partnership and new business opportunities because I would like to diverse my activities to IT based products and more into software solutions
105TogoMr. N'Mena KomlanNew partnership and new business opportunities.
106TogoMs. Nandja N'Ghintime ImeldaEnlarge my market, Explore new opportunities and partnerships.
107TogoMr. Nenonene Komla EsseLooking partnerships and business opportunities
108TogoMr. Ouro-Sama Nyntche SurajLooking New partnership, and New business opportunities in Modern technology
109TogoMr. Samey Akakpo
Data Protection Solutions: Finding data backup and recovery solutions to ensure the security and availability of critical business information.
Suppliers of a full line of products, including desktops, laptops, peripherals, components and accessories.
Competitive prices compared to the market while guaranteeing the quality of the products.
110TogoMr. Souraka Souley LoukoumanouNew partnerships and Business opportunities In General trade
111TogoMr. Wiyao Elizam SalomonLooking New business opportunities and new partnerships
112TogoMr. Zonvide Dodzi KoffiLooking for Partnership and Skill set development.
113UgandaMr. Ashwinkumar RavjiWe are looking for the suppliers of IT Equipments mainly on the Hardware and Customised Software designing company.
114UgandaDr. Ian AshabahebwaLatest software products and hardware electronic products manufactured by Indian firms.
115UgandaMs. Nakasagga Dorahweb development applications
116UgandaMs. Namukose Susan LubogoIT Products
117UK (United Kingdom)Mr. Gavin Mark RussellIOT, HARDWARE , SOFTWARE, LMS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES
118UK (United Kingdom)Mr. Parth ShahEncryption Algorithm, Cybersecurity
119UK (United Kingdom)Mr. Venkata Satyanarayana Reddy Thumu
Looking for a framework of Mortgage point of sale that can be used by any of my UK banking clients with little customization and building AI chatbot for our financial sector clients.
120United Arab Emirates (UAE)Mr. Linsad Muttath
Black or White Concepts FZE has a detailed plan to expand its operations to the African region on a larger scale and expects a consolidated turnover of $100 million by 2025. As part of this, we are planning to source resources and technologies from the Indian market. We plan to engage 20 solution providers from the Indian IT market within a year.

We are seriously considering INDIASOFT 2024 as an opportunity to reach out to the maximum number of companies from the Indian market. We expect to achieve our target of maximum association with this event.
121USA (America)Mr. Elisha B.Eletronics-ans software and telecommunications and Digital
122VietnamMr. Bui Huu Khoi
VOYAGER is looking for an opportunity to acquire new customers in the variety industry. We are focusing on Web & App Development, AI & Blockchain Development, and IT Consulting.

Our purpose in this exhibition is to learn about new technology in our industry. Additionally, we aim to make contacts with new partners and customers.
123VietnamMr. Dao Ngoc Thanhsoftware oursourcing parner
124VietnamMr. Dinh Cong HoangSoftware outsourcing, including webapp, iOS, android
125VietnamMs. Do Le My DuyenSecurity Solutions, AI Technology, SAAS Solutions
126VietnamMr. Do Thanh BinhAI, IOT, Blockchain, 5G, Smart City
127VietnamMr. Hoang Mai ChungArtificial Intelligence
128VietnamMr. Hoàng Mạnh ToànSoftware Development
129VietnamMr. Nguyễn Thành GiangSoftware Development
130VietnamMr. Nguyen Van TruongDevelop a Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based apps, especially Amazon Web Service.
131VietnamMr. Quang NguyenWe looking for software solutions suitable for Vietnam market .
132VietnamMr. Trần Huy CườngNew technologies related to IT Products / services to improve our product, or we can apply to refactor our IT system
133VietnamMs. Vu Phuong ThaoAI, IOT, BlockChain, 5G, Smart City
134VietnamMr. Vu Van TuSoftware company, IT service company, salesforce, AI
135ZimbabweMr. Chiminya Silvanos
We are looking forward to partnerships in various electronics, communication, instrumentation and control, science laboratory equipment production for our own use, the Zimbabwean market especially secondary schools and beyond.
136ZimbabweDr. Courtie Mahamadi
The University desires to identify potential suppliers of parts required for the fabrication of tablets, computers, and cellphones which will enable the institution to implement its goal of assembling these gadgets for selling to schools.

The advent of COVID-19 and the changes in Zimbabwe's curriculum have presented huge business opportunities for the supply of ICT gadgets for educational purposes.

The University will therefore be presenting various opportunities and options for partnerships/collaboration in the supply of the parts of the ICT gadgets for onward assembling at the Institution. This will also present a vast opportunity for training and development of online educational modules.
137ZimbabweMr. Dzambo SilenceInsurance Enterprise resource planning system.
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